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Who is US Federal Contractor Registration?

US Federal Contractor Registration_Logo (1)US Federal Contractor Registration gives small businesses access to the same tools and strategies used by Fortune 500 companies contracting with the government. Small businesses can fulfill the majority of the federal government’s needs. Purchasing officers have a range of purchasing options available to them from formal, complex bidding procedures to simply calling a vendor on the phone and paying with a credit card. The only way businesses can take advantage of the many opportunities available in federal contracting is to become properly registered and marketing their company aggressively to government agencies.

US Federal Contractor Registration has also been featured in the Washington Post, FOX News,, and Washington Business Journal. As well as numerous federal agencies like Departments of the DOD, US Army, Department of the Navy, Veteran Affairs and United States Department of Agriculture.

Federal officials at Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) praise US Federal Contractor Registration for their registration knowledge and innovate marketing solutions to small businesses. PTAC representatives from LouisianaFlorida and Texas and Small Business Administration (SBA) officers have even stated that our services are a great resource for contractors pursuing the federal marketplace in government contracting.

US Federal Contractor Registration has registered private sector businesses such as McGraw Hill, HP, Wells Fargo, Xerox, GoodWill, Dixie, UPS, Heinz, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Westin, Interstate Oil, CITI, and Coldwell Banker. As well as academic institutions and colleges like NYC, Northwestern, Oxford, Southwestern, and Mercer.  US Federal Contractor Registration has countless references and a Dun & Bradstreet Platinum Creditability status.

If your business is interested in learning how to qualify for government contracting they can call (877) 252-2700 Ext 1 to speak with an Acquisition Specialist to help in the navigation of the federal marketplace.


US Federal ContractorRegistration helps businesses:

* Fully complete the required contractor registration, including obtaining a DUNS number and registration in the System for Award Management

* Migrate legacy registration to the System for Award Management which replaced Central Contractor Registration and ORCA in July 2012

* registration for Non-Profits

* Everything necessary to start marketing to government agencies including DSBS profile creation, customizable recurring searches, and a government business plan examining past performance reports for local contracting offices and prime vendors.

The following quotes are federal procurement officers and government officials encouraging the professional use of third party registration firms like US Federal Contractor Registration to small business contractors. US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the world’s largest third party registration that has registered over 60,000 businesses in System for Award Management (SAM) in order to become properly registered government contractors; and work for the government.

*  USDA Procurement Officer praising USFCR:

* Louisiana PTAC Program Manager praising USFCR:

*  DoD Purchasing Officer praising USFCR

*  Florida PTAC Program Manager praising USFCR

*  Matthew Weigelt, Senior Writer at and

*   Pamela Sapia, SBA District Director of the San Antonio Office

Business References

“Now that the DoD is improving more opportunities for small business contractors with CLS, now is the time to register your business in SAM using US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR). As a procurement officer representing a division of the DoD I fully endorse and encourage businesses to have USFCR properly register their business in SAM. I have recommended numerous businesses to use USFCR in order to become properly registered and accept the bids that I have available. The best thing about USFCR is that not only do they register businesses in SAM, but they provide marketing programs like creating a business’s government-formatted website. These websites USFCR builds make it easier for us federal buyers to find registered contractors online. It is part of our process in the Naval supply center to make sure they are registered in SAM in order to be approved for these contracts. USFCR has always delivered great contractors to me and I will always recommend their valuable SAM registration service.” Rob Petyo, MH-60R/S Weapon System Manager of NAVAIR (Procurement Officer for DoD)


“I understand why so many businesses have decided to use US Federal Contractor Registration to register their business in SAM. US Federal Contractor Registration has facilitated my paperwork in a timely fashion thus far and I am currently waiting for my SAM profile to be completed. I would definitely recommend any business or any federal official unsure about government registration to reach out to US Federal Contractor Registration for help. I’m glad I did. As a government official, I cannot believe we make it this hard for businesses to become registered, thank god I found US Federal Contractor Registration.” Patricia Griffith, Information Technology Chief of the Grading and Verification Division (GVD) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“The transfer from CCR to SAM in July was a disaster. My SAM account had become fragmented due to the 3 million other businesses conducting the transfer as well. I couldn’t even reach a representative at the SBA helpline to fix my issue. When I called US Federal Contractor Registration to help me register and fix my fragmented account it only took them a day to properly register me in System for Awards Management (SAM) and only two days to receive my CAGE code. I will renew with them every year because of the stress they saved me. I do not know why any business would want to attempt this process on their own. Leave it to the professionals at US Federal Contractor Registration who understand the process and can get you registered quickly. This service that US Federal Contractor Registration provides is well worth the price and my company CRYOCO would have never been registered as fast. I would have never been registered without US Federal Contractor Registration and I would recommend their service to every business who wants their registration done right.” David-John Roth, owner of CYOCO & the nation’s leading expert in cryogenic engineering

“I wanted to take a moment to fully express my appreciation for Mr. Joe McNichols attention to detail and his hard work with making things happen.  It is the selfless dedication as a Customer Service Representative that makes your Department one of the best resources for vendors servicing the Federal Government.  I want to thank your Department and Mr. Joe McNichols for your commitment and dedication to duty.  it is genuinely an honor and a pleasure to know people have your best interest.” Gordon L Brooks President & CEO Guard Force International Inc

“US Federal Contractor Registration sets your business up for success in government contracting. Everything US Federal Contractor Registration said was 100% right! US Federal Contractor Registration provided my company with the insight that it needed to start winning government contracts. Thanks to their advice and services, I have won a 5 year government contract for an enormous amount. Everything they said to me was right on the money! I had even spoken with government agencies that did not have as much detailed explanations about the registration process as US Federal Contractor Registration. You do have to pay for their service but it is well worth the cost once you win a government contract. Using US Federal Contractor Registration is an investment that I would tell any business to look into if they want to start winning these government contracts. They offered marketing tools and a government formatted website among many other services. Their service was extremely prompt and they always responded back to my calls or emails that same day. All their government contracting experts were the real deal. There was no question they couldn’t answer between their knowledge staff. From John Lynch helping me make the leap to Julie Topping registering my business in SAM, every bit of my service was amazing. I wish I would have known about this service years ago because I do believe it would have made a large difference in the amount of work my business is currently conducting. I chose to use US Federal Contractor Registration and they positioned me properly to bid and win on government contracts and for that I will always be grateful.” Dinisio Gilbert, Owner & President of D & C Freight Logistics LLC

“US Federal Contractor Registration registered my business for government contracts; they even set me up with FEMA. If you are a contractor and would like to become registered to partake in this massive project you need to call US Federal Contractor Registration immediately, so they can assist you with the registration process. I am personally very grateful for US Federal Contractor Registration. Once the state decides who is responsible, I am ready and prepared to help with the on-going hurricane relief.” Louis DeMary, Project Manager of Richie D Construction


“I have seen it take businesses two years to qualify on their own in order to be registered. If you are unfamiliar with the registration process for government contracts and applying your business as veteran-owned, the road can be a long one without help. When I tried to register my business as veteran-owned I presented my DD 2:14, which contained all my retirement paperwork, my combat status, and that I was honorably discharged. Even with all that information there were still problems with becoming registered. I even went as far to present my Purple Heart and there was still issues registering my business as veteran-owned. I decided to go with US Federal Contractor Registration to make sure I was registered properly and eligible for these available set-asides and leave my paperwork to the professionals. US Federal Contractor Registration did my registration in SAM and prepared me fully for these contracts. For that, I will always be very thankful.”Ronald Mueller, owner of Veteran Intrinsic Solutions

“I worked with US Federal Contractor Registration to update the out of date listing our company had in the federal system. Their staff was timely and thoughtful about making sure they kept me informed of their progress. Within a month of having our ORCA listing updated we received a call to bid on a job that we secured. Celeste is now working diligently on marketing our firm and services so the best is yet to come! Money very well spent thank you US Federal Contractor Registration for your guidance and knowledge!” Colleen Nabhan President, ETS Inc.

“I wanted to take a few minutes and let you both know what an asset Ms. Topping is to your team. Her customer-service oriented approach continually AMAZED my husband as I as we were helped throughout the CCR registration process. She follows up, she demonstrates remarkable patience, she is thorough, and she is a pleasure to deal with. I cannot say enough good things about her handling of our case.” Amanda Peterseim, PACS Aero Inc.



“I can’t thank you again for your warm and personal assistance today!  You restored my faith in the process and helped me regain my belief that I’ll be able to navigate the system in time to submit my pre-application on by the beginning of April.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness and willingness to help!”

Linda Dzialo, Ph.D. President and CEO, Great Expectations

I want to enthusiastically comment Ms. Jessica Summers for her counsel as I was going the process. I am a highly successful entrepreneur and foundation founder but had zero interaction with the federal government processes. Ms. Summers was exceptionally helpful and guided me effectively through the milieu. She was so very prompt and kind as I attempted to do what was asked but kept running into obstacles.” G. Dale Meyer, PhD CEO, The Meyer Group of Western Corp



“I never would have put my company in a position to bid on federal contracts or have my brand recognized by contracting officers if it wasn’t for US Federal Contractor Registration. I was walked through a seamlessprocess to establish my company in System for Award Management (SAM).  We now have a CAGE code, a Capability Statement and a government formatted website. My PlacementSpecialist gave me an exact timetable of when my business’s registration would be completed. Sure enough it was all right on time as promised.   We are now ready to proceed in speaking to contracting officers about our unique business. We are now well positioned to enhance our brand and start winning awards as a direct result from US Federal Contractor Registration. US Federal Contractor Registration’s Capability Statement construction is something a business cannot do without. Without them we would have had no shot getting hired by any federal buyers. I highly recommend this service as a ‘must have’ to any company hoping to establish themselves in federal government contracting. I honestly do not know how any business would be able to register without US Federal Contractor Registration’s help.” Leo W. Williams II, CEO and President of Clean Sweep Group Inc


“The tittle of SSG was given to me upon various companies through over seas private contracts which include; Blackwater Worldwide, Xe, Academi, Aegis, Lockheed Martin and the United States Army. Through my few years in the field of Homeland Security I have found many skills to add to my set list. Many of such coming from over seas operations andtraining those who are about to go to over seas operations. In between this time I have found Education to be the best way to further my mind and body to be better rounded as an individual. Gaining my Masters in Science of Management in Homeland Security (2012) and continuing on to my doctorates Degree in Homeland Security soon. I have found that this education and the skill sets that I have are only as important as the people that I know.  As a contractor, I have seen the small side of the pay scales that come with the work, so in late 2011 myself along with others that I have worked with decided to open our own company and seek the full profits that come with our field of choice. Joe McNichols was the fortunate one whom helped us get our government CCR and ORCA registrations done in time to work in the new fiscal year. It is with respect that I thank him and the US Contractors Registration Organization that helped us do so. With their expertise in Federal Procurement, we were able to meet the criteria of Agencies that we wanted to work for. Leading our new companies into the world of Federal Contracting. Though we are new, I have no doubt that with the help of People like Joe McNichols that we will continue to be successful in our future.”  SSG. I. Paul Winans, CEO,  Hawk Intelligence


“My company recently filed with the CCR and the person who assisted us was Jessica Summers As an employer I know how important feedback can be. Ms. Summers did an amazing job, was very helpful and displayed excellent knowledge of the process as well as displayed great customer service skills. She even checked up with us regularly to make sure she couldn’t be of even MORE assistance. I am very appreciative of her help.” Jere Simpson, President, NexSyst Inc. DBA KiteWire Inc.

“I would like to say thank you for all your help and support.  Since the initial call James and I have built a good working relationship. His personal outreach to me and my family including during the birth of our new daughter was the reason I signed up with him.  Then sense of family and personal touch was the key factor of me joining. I must say that after the sign up we have move many steps forward the right direction in becoming well known in the federal government. I feel comfortable in their hands and with their experience. Again thanks and hope to continue this great working relationship.” Luis M Cortes III, President, Technical Systems Solutions Inc.


“The Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, and to recognize the effort and dedication shown to our organization in submitting a recent CMS grant application.  To make a very long story short, without the quick-thinking and continued support by both Jessica and Jonathon, our grant application would not have been successfully submitted within the required timeframe. Jessica stayed with us on the line until each hurdle was successfully cleared to ensure our successful submission.  We feel that it is important to recognize efforts and professionalism when we see it, and VPQHC certainly benefited from the professionalism of your staff and services.We want to say thank you again, and look forward to continuing a very positive relationship and experience with US Federal Contractor Registration.” Catherine E. Fulton, Executive Director, Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care, Inc.



“Marissa, just want to congratulate you on the outstanding job you did preparing our website.   I am very pleased with the results and will get busy sending info out to agencies.   Thank you.” Carol Patterson,Patterson Reporting & Video/Videoconference


“This letter is to acknowledge what a fantastic job Jessie Texidor, Procurement Officer with the US Federal Contractor Registration has done for my company.  In the past I have struggled with the registration process but Jessie handled everything for us and made the process seem simple.  Thank you Jessie!”Kendra Stanfield, Purcell Tire & Rubber Company


It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning!   In an era where the concept of “customer service” is often overused and under delivered, I found your time, effort and support REFRESHING! Having missed yesterday’s US Federal Contractor Registration deadline, I was anxious about the process it was going to take to renew the Columbus2020 ORCA registration.   Not only did you provide an efficient and painless solution to the missed registration, you also provided education as to SAM, the System for Award Management, and the identification of having a “case manager” assigned to our account which willprovide more effective navigation and management of the Columbus2020 account. Your approach and support was greatly appreciated, AND effective!   I would put you in the same class as Nordstrom’s, Starbucks, GE and Southwest Airlines as delivering high quality customer service.  Thank You!” Mike Goldbeck, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Columbus Chamber

“Dear John, First of all, thanks so much for our recent communications, and for any and all assistance you have rendered our company.  We are excited about the possibility of finally being able to nail down some contracts, after all these years.  As you will recall, in one of our discussions I shared with you that I had been trying to get assistance from the PTAC office in Toledo, for several years now.  In the year 2005, I met with the director of that office.  He invited me to attend an annual event in Ohio, which was supposed to be a networking event, for government contractors.  What I found was that every single person I spoke with, and I stopped communicating after a while, at that event, was only interested in stealing my ideas.  Two individuals even followed up with me, and “grilled me” for more information.  I could see that they weere simply wanting to take my ideas and “run with them.”  I was intelligent enough not to share much.  I learned, not long after, where one of the individuals did, in fact, set up a similar business, and even obtained some contracts.  Later this director left PTAC-Toledo, and was replaced by a former US Air Force Colonel or General, who had been a contracting officer with the US Air Force.  My impression of her was that she absolutely knew nothing about federal contracting, except for the contracting officer’s side, which she was good at.  Later on, then, she left PTAC-Toledo, and the last director took over.  What I experienced there was that he plugged in a whole bunch of NAICS codes that did not apply to our business.  I started receiving all sorts of solicitations for possible contracts in areas that I was absolutely not interested in, or did not qualify for – building bridges and what not, for example.  I feel much better, now that your company is involved, and I look forward to talking with Melissa Daughtry soon.” Dr. Jerry E. Garrett, Ed.D., President and CEO, Dr. Jerry Garrett Training, Seminars, & Consulting, Inc.


“Hello, today I called your general information number from the website on contractor enrollment and was very fortunate to have the call taken by Mark Georges. Mr. Georges was extremely patient and helpful in guiding me through the process to enroll as a federal contractor. I recently experienced a fire in my home and had limited computer capability so Mr. Georges did everything possible to enroll me using fax and email. I want to commend him for his patience and professionalism. He was very helpful and reflects very well on your organization. Thank you.” Tara Hamilton


“Peter: Since 2005 I have been applying for Grant Proposals and the old government systems were so cumbersome, the Grant Application Process was very difficult to navigate, to the point of being a waste to time and energy.  All I have to show for all the years of Grant Proposal work is a half dozen 3 ring binders, each full of application work that went only to consume time with no results. I am a inventor, Patent numbers 5,473,957 and 5,150,626.  I am a true entrepreneur, paying out of pocket for Patents, research, fabrication machine work to create working models.  Paying out of pocket to Zero Gravity Test Flights with Zero Gravity Corporation. Peter you contacted me 17 August 2012; with e-mail, and since then your team, Manager James Logan, and application processor Julie Topping, US FEDERAL CONTRACTING REGISTRATION has worked with me to fill out the worksheets required for registration. Today I received phone calls from you and James Logan that application is being submitted to SAM by your staff.  I am truly impressed by the speed and professional help that your staff has accomplished thus far. Please feel free to use me as a reference of future entrepreneurs, business entities, corporations or individuals of how excellent your staff is with professional help US Federal Contractor Registration CCR and ORCA Worksheet applications. Give my sincere thanks to your staff for there professional help.”Thomas L Navarro, Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration

“US Federal Contractor Registration has given us the ability to reach out to our customers in the federal procurement departments. They provided our company an efficient way for federal procurement officers to research our company and fulfill their contracting needs. Not only has US Federal Contractor Registration saved me time and money, but they have helped me contact an audience that would typically be out of ourreach. Guiding the procurement officers to a single source for our information made it easier for us to get the information the procurement officers needed. My website was put up in less than two weeks, and I would recommend this service to all other businesses in need of a registration. I want to thank US Federal Contractor Registration for their superior customer service.” Bob Criner,  President of Petroleum Resources & Development Inc

“I wanted to take a minute and thank both of you (Jessie Texidor &  Rod Johnson)  for your help. I could not have done this without you ! You both have been fabulous to work with through out the entire roller coaster ride. You both kept me on track. You know at times I was so confused but you were there to help. So again ….Thank YOU !!! Michelle MauerDesign One and America One Companies

What I like about both of you is you do not try to push your product. You care more about the person you are helping and I appreciate that so much” Delcia Derrick, Federal Training Solutions LLC

I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all of your help today as well as two weeks ago in helping me to get our organization registered for the SAM site.  We have a great client in FOH that we provided services for and as you can imagine, they are struggling in getting a purchase order due to our confusion on how to register.  Your patience, guidance and help is greatly appreciated and I want to sincerely thank you for your help. Jennifer Young, Director of Sales, Miller Heiman, Inc.

Thank you for your hard work, and we are finding your service helpful. We look forward to working. Thank you again.Damian Lundquist, Geronimo Security Group

Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your extraordinary service last week!! I had been spending useless hours trying to figure out how to find certified small businesses in various categories for a government contract and when I called the CCR, you answered and provided me with quality information in minutes. Patti Wilson, AEI Affiliated Engineers, Inc

We registered our company, Dan’s Dental Studio, with System for Award Management last year.  Because we are a small dental lab business, it took us a while to figure out how to work this system.  I had many questions.  My contact person, Alissa, has been awesome!  She is always available and takes the time to explain the process to me.  She was and still is very helpful.  The registration process was easy and seamless!  Sally McDonald,  Dan’s Dental Studio

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you what a valuable asset you have in Janet Klinker. She has help me register two companies in SAM. Both presented their own set of unique challenges and she applied  patience and guidance, successfully walking us through the process. She is friendly to work with, very knowledgeable and always looking out for us as a customer. We are currently in a situation where our goal was to merge two of our companies in SAM and she has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure we were making informed decisions based on the correct information. I simply cannot say enough about how much I appreciate working with Janet.”  – Michael Colston, Logistics Manager, WM Robots, LLC/WMI Group Inc

The knowledgable USFCR representatives, namely Christie Jackson and John Wayne have effortlessly demonstrated their efficiency in registering my company into the government marketplace. Both individuals are extremely talented at what they do. They have exceeded my expectations and have continued to express their eagerness to assist me throughout the entire process. I am very grateful to them both and I am beyond satisfied with the results.  Thank you for al you have done to further the success of my company It is very much appricated and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Harry Patel, Days Inn (Fort Drum)

I want to thank you and Ally again for providing us so quickly with SAM registration. My FBI contractor called me “amazing” due to this speed . Again thank you for doing your job so well. – Neda Knowles, Auburn Metrology Lab

Kamron Nelson was assigned to work with us on our website,  I can’t tell you when I’ve had a better experience with an outside contractor – Kamron was helpful and eager to please, listened carefully to what we needed and then implemented changes quickly and efficiently.  Getting this website online was very easy thanks to his expertise!  We now have a great site that we’re proud to share! – Melodie Ruse, EVRAZ  North America

I am the new executive director at Dynamic Independence and as such, have very little experience with SAM. Kristen Salonia has been working with me for the past several days to update my information into SAM.  Kristen has been amazing to work with.  She has handled all of my questions and concerns calmly and with abundant patience.  I never once felt like I was imposing on her time. The speed with which she completed my registration and the kindness she exhibited during the process were unexpected and very refreshing.  I appreciate the care she incorporates into her customer service. – Diana Garrett, Dynamic Independence

What a wonderful surprised to receive a phone call this morning about the form I filled out online yesterday afternoon.  Great customer service!!  Attached please find the completed form that I received this morning.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you and have fun today. – Worth Ross, George Ross Ranch, LLC

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