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Proper Registration
Gov't Contracting Requirements for Proper Registration

This course covers the essential registrations and codes required for businesses to participate in federal contracting, including SAM registration, NAICS codes, CAGE codes, TIN acquisition, DSBS registration, and MPINs.

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Small Business Set-Asides
Small Business Set-Asides
Set-Asides and Certifications for Small aBusinesses

This course covers federal programs and certifications for small, disadvantaged, and underrepresented businesses, including DBE, Simplified Acquisition Threshold Contracts, and various minority and veteran-owned small business certifications.

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Market Research
Market Research
Federal Contract Strategies and Tools

This course covers federal contract notices, registration, market analysis, and procurement platforms such as FPDS, USAspending.gov, Unison, FedConnect, DIBBS, CPARS, IAE, and NSNs.

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Other Programs & Agency Databases
Advanced Agency Procurement Databases
Grants, Government Procurement Strategies and Other Platforms

This course covers Grants.gov for grants management, electronic invoicing using Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF), government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs), GSA registration, and distribution and pricing agreements (DAPA), as well as the ECAT, FedMall, and EMall procurement platforms.

Marketing Within the Federal Government

This course covers creating a Capabilities Statement, finding your Target Market, Branding, Industry Events, and the Simplified Acquisition Program.

Teaming and Subcontracting Strategies for Federal Contracts

This course covers subcontracting strategies, identifying opportunities, and navigating reporting systems such as FFATA and FSRS, as well as utilizing resources like ISR, Sub-Net, and the Subcontracting Directory.

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Bidding and Debriefing Strategies

This course covers bidding strategies, federal set-aside contracts, bidding methods like sealed bidding and LPTA, and preparing for contractor debriefs.