Lesson 6: SAM Registration Maintenance

Federal SubcontractorsYour SAM Registration is good for only one year. If a third-party government registration firm offers to sell you a multi-year Registration, run! You MUST renew your SAM Registration each year. While renewal is free, the process is as time-consuming as filing the initial Registration. Consider working with a reputable third-party government registration firm. Also, if, during the year, something material changes at your business, be sure to update your SAM Registration. We include below information about renewing your SAM Registration and making some common changes.

Part 1: Renewing Your Government Registration

Part 2: Changing Your Business’s POC (Point of Contact) Information

Part 3: Updating Financial Information on Your Government Registration

Part 4: How to Check Your Entity Management Record

Part 5: Recovering Your SAM Registration Username and Password

Part 6: Using Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)

Part 7: OB10 e-Invoicing though the Department of Veteran Affairs

Part 8: Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)

Part 9: Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)