Lesson 5: Bidding on Contracts

Successful government contractors are patient and persistent — and bid on contracts that they think they have a chance at winning. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win the first contracts on which you bid. These “losses” give you a valuable opportunity to refine your bid strategy, develop relationships with procurement officers, and network with others in your industry.  We include below information about bidding on contracts; what to do if you don’t win a contract; and different types of contracts on which you might bid.

Part 1: Basics to Bidding on Contracts

Part 2: Bidding Strategies

Part 3: Why Did I Lose My Bid?

Part 4: Finding Available Federal Set-Aside Contracts

Part 5: Sealed Bidding or Formal Advertising

Part 6: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable

Part 7: Preparing a Contractor Debrief