Lesson 4: Subcontracting

If you’re new to government contracting, or a smaller firm, don’t overlook subcontracting and teaming opportunities. Prime contractors with contracts worth more than $500,000 are legally required to offer subcontracting opportunities to small businesses.  The GSA’s Subcontracting Directory and the SBA’s SUB-Net page includes information about available subcontracting opportunities. Not only can these opportunities be lucrative, but they also can help you gain experience and provide you with valuable networking opportunities.

Part 1: What is Subcontracting?

Part 2: How to Search for Subcontracting Opportunities

Part 3: What is a FFATA Report in the Sub-Award Reporting System (FSRS)?

Part 4: Understanding an Individual Subcontract Report (ISR)

Part 5: What is Sub-Net and the Subcontracting Directory?