Lesson 3: Government Marketing

The Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) is a database of companies that contract with the federal government. Registering your business in the DSBS is free, and we recommend you do so once your SAM Registration is complete. Your DSBS profile gives procurement officers information about your company, product(s), and/or service(s), and having one may mean the difference between winning and losing a contract. We also recommend you launch an aggressive marketing campaign. This campaign can include phone calls, emails, and a government-formatted website. While some businesses get lucky and land contracts without doing much work, most businesses report winning contracts after aggressively marketing their business and getting to know procurement officers. We include below information about marketing your business and how these efforts can lead to winning government contracts.

Part 1: Understanding the Capabilities Statement

Part 2: Drafting a Capabilities Statement.

Part 3: Defining a Target Market

Part 4: The Importance of Branding

Part 5: Launching an Accessible Contractor Website

Part 6: What is Dynamic Small Business Search

Part 7: Using SAM & DSBS To Locate Competitors

Part 8: Marketing Your Business With DSBS

Part 9: What is the Simplified Acquisition Program

Part 10: In-Person Pitch at Meetings or Events