Lesson 2 Part 2: Small Business Federal Set-Asides

Small Business Federal Set-Asides

The Small Business Act made it possible for small businesses to compete in the federal marketplace. Not only is the government required to set aside a specific percentage of its contracts (23% as of 2016), but it also sets aside within these set-aside contracts opportunities for specific types of businesses. For example, businesses that qualify for 8(a) or HUBZone designation, or businesses owned and operated by a woman or a service-disabled veteran, can bid on these set-aside contracts. These set-aside contracts are worth billions of dollars in government contracting each year. You’ll find below links to information about each type of federal set-aside, how to qualify for the set-aside certification, and why qualifying for as many as possible increases your chances at winning a government contract.

Part 1:  Are you a Small Business?

Part 2: Small Business Federal Set-Aside Goals

Part 3: Download your Free Federal Set-Aside Packet

Part 4: What are Simplified Acquisition Threshold Contracts?

Part 5: What are Micro-purchases?

Part 6:  Do you Qualify for 8(a)?

Part 7:  8(a) Certification Application Overview.

Part 8: Do you Qualify for the HUBZone Empowerment Program?

Part 9: Do you Qualify as a Woman-Owned Small Business/Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business?

Part 10: Do you Qualify as a Veteran Owned Small Business/Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business?

Download your Free Federal Set-Aside Packet

This valuable packet contains all the basic information on some of the key set-asides that are available for your business. The packet discusses all of the top Federal Set-Asides that would available to your business such as HUBZone, 8(a), Woman Owned, Service Disabled Veteran owned, and more. Fill out the form below to receive your free federal set-aside packet immediately.