Lesson 1: Market Research

Lesson 1:  Market Research

Before you can successfully market your company, product(s), and/or service(s), you must determine what demand exists, if any. A Government Contracting Profitability Assessment, which US Federal Contractor Registration can provide, will include information about how much money the government spends in your industry, which agencies are buying, and currently open or recently awarded contracts. here are even socioeconomic factors that can make your business stand out. US Federal Contractor Registration also can qualify you for specific set-aside contracts, which the government makes available to specific types of businesses based on several socioeconomic factors. FBO.gov and the Federal Procurement Data System also provides information you may find helpful as you begin contracting with the government.

Part 1: Registering for FBO.gov & Creating an Automatic Email Alert for Bids

Part 2: How to Search for Contracts on FBO.gov

Part 3: Register on FPDS.gov

Part 4: Using FPDS.gov to Evaluate Competitors and Market Conditions

Part 5: Using DSBS to Survey Local Competition

Part 6: IFBs (Invitation for Bid)

Part 7: RFPs (Request for Proposal)

Part 8: RFQs (Request for Quotation)

Part 9: RFIs (Request for Information)

Part 10: Using USAspending.gov to Assess Profitability

Part 11: Searching the GSA Library

Part 12: GSA’s IT Solutions Navigator 

Part 13: FedBid – Online Marketplace for Procurement

Part 14: The DLA Internet Bid Board (DIBBS)

Part 15: DoD TechMatch: The Department of Defense Procurement Web Portal

Part 16: DLA Web Gateway

Part 17: Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI)

Part 18: Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS)

Part 19: Integrated Award Environment (IAE): A Brief Understanding