GSA Schedules

Below, please find a list of every GSA Schedule and the broad category to which the Schedule applies. After, please find a more comprehensive review of each Schedule.

GSA Schedule – Products

70 IT Products & Services
56 Buildings Materials and Supplies
84 Law Enforcement and Security
66 Scientific Equipment and Services
51 V Hardware SuperStore
75 Office Products
67 Photographic Equipment
76 Publication Media
81 IB Shipping and Packaging
58 I Audio/Video
73 Foodservice & Hospitality
71 Furniture
72 Furnishings and Floor Coverings
36 Office Equipment Products
78 Sports and Promotional
23 V Automotive Superstore
751 Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks


GSA Schedule – Services

520 Financial & Business Solutions (FABS)
874 Business Services (MOBIS)
871 Engineering Services (PES)
738 II Language Services
899 Environmental Services
874 V Logistics (LOGWORLD)
00CORP Consolidated Schedule
70 IT Products & Services
541 Advertising & Marketing (AIMS)
736 Temporary Staffing Services (TAPS)
03FAC Facilities Maintenance
738 X Human Resources & EEO Services
71 IIK Furniture Management Services
48 Transportation, Delivery & Relocation (TDRS)
599 Travel Services Solutions


VA Federal Supply Schedules

65IB Drugs
65IIA Medical Equipment & Supplies
65IIC Dental Equipment & Supplies
65IIF Patient Mobility Devices
65VA X-Ray Equipment & Supplies
65VII Diagnostics & Test Kits
66III Clinical Analyzers
621I Healthcare Staffing Services
621II Medical Laboratory Testing

Industrial Services & Supplies – Schedule 56

When you need complete buildings, building materials, and industrial products and services, GSA MAS 56 has you covered. Schedule 56 variety of offerings include:

  • Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries
  • Warehouse Equipment and Supplies
  • Air and Water Purification Equipment and Sewer Treatment Equipment
  • Maintenance & Repair Shop Equipment with Related Environmental Products
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks/Systems, Fuel Dispensing Units and Fuel Management Systems
  • Pre-Engineered, Prefabricated Buildings & Structures
  • Building Materials
  • Solar Energy Systems, Energy Saving Lighting Products & Specialty Lighting Ancillary Repair and Alterations


Comprehensive Furniture Management Services – Schedule 71 II K

GSA’s Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) offers a wide variety of management services related to Furniture and Furnishings under Schedule 71 II K, Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS). The other furniture Schedules include services specifically related to the products covered by that Schedule, such as layout and installation.

This Schedule covers services to help federal agencies plan and manage major office upgrades or relocation/reconfigurations by providing access to professional project managers, designers, asset management systems and furniture maintenance services, such as refinishing and reupholsters. Schedule 71 II K offerings include:

  • Project Management
  • Assets Management
  • Reconfiguration/Relocation Management
  • Furniture Design/Layout
  • Assets Maintenance
  • Ancillary Repair and Alterations
  • Introduction of New Products/Services


Food Service, Hospitality, and Cleaning – Schedule 73

GSA offers a variety of products to help maintain facilities in an environmentally friendly manner and also help the government meet their food service needs. Schedule 73 offerings include:

  • Chemicals and Chemical Products
  • Cleaning Equipment and Accessories, Cleaning Chemicals and Sorbents, and Janitorial Supplies
  • Toiletries, Personal Care Items, Linens, and Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services, and Hospitality Wear
  • Food Service Equipment, Supplies and Services
  • Recycling Collection Containers and Waste Receptacles


Facilities Maintenance and Management – Schedule 03FAC

  • Facilities maintenance or management
  • Energy management and water conservation
  • Industrial aerospace coating, marine coating
  • Dockside repair services or dry docking solutions
  • Smart Buildings Systems Integrator
  • Facilities Maintenance & Management Consulting
  • Complete Facilities Maintenance & Management
  • Base Operations Support (BOS) Services and Installation Maintenance Services
  • Hospital Maintenance
  • Ancillary Repair and Alterations
  • Fire Alarm System Preventative Maintenance & Repair
  • Building Control Cyber Security
  • Water Based Fire Suppression System Preventative Maintenance & Repair
  • Elevator & Escalator Preventative Maintenance
  • Elevator & Escalator Independent Inspection
  • Electrical & ALL Utility Services Limited to Facility Maintenance
  • Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner, Boiler & Chiller HVAC Maintenance
  • Grounds, and Cemetery Maintenance
  • Tree Planting, Trimming & Removal
  • Pest Control
  • Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • Training on Energy Management
  • Metering Services
  • Energy Program Support Services
  • Building Commissioning Services
  • Energy Audit Services
  • Resources Efficiency Management (REM)
  • Innovations in Renewable Energy
  • Water Conservation
  • Ancillary Supplies and/or Services, Relating to Energy Management, Water Conservation and Support Services
  • Energy Consulting Services
  • Surface Preparation
  • Application of Chemical Compounds
  • Dry Docking Services
  • Dockside Maintenance & Repair Services


Furnishings and Floor Coverings – Schedule 72

  • Broadloom Carpet
  • Broadloom Carpet – Small Business Set Aside
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Special Use Broadloom Carpet and Carpet Tiles
  • Carpet Cushion
  • Resilient (hard surface) Tile
  • Resilient (hard surface) Sheet Flooring
  • Mats and Matting (with and without logos) – Small Business Set Aside
  • Mats and Matting (with and without logos)
  • Recycled and/or Biobased Content
  • Floor Recycling Programs
  • Ancillary Supplies and Services
  • Introduction of New Products (INP)
  • Worldwide Products (International)
  • Lamps & Shades – Small Business Set Aside
  • Window Treatments – Small Business Set Aside
  • Coordinating Bedspreads & Comforters – Small Business Set Aside
  • Cubicle Curtains & Hardware – Small Business Set Aside
  • Wall Art Including Paintings, Photographs, & Posters – Small Business Set Aside
  • Artificial Trees, Plants, Dried Foliage, & Planters for Indoor Use – Small Business Set Aside
  • Ancillary Supplies and Services – Small Business Set Aside
  • Overseas (International) Fabric – Small Business Set Aside; For Use in Foreign Destinations Only


Furniture – Schedule 71

  • Office Furniture
  • Household and Quarters Furniture
  • Packaged Furniture
  • Special Use Furniture
  • Safe and Vault Systems, Security Equipment and Products


Human Resources & Equal Employment Opportunity – Schedule 738 X

Featuring a full array of pre-qualified, professional Human Resources (HR) service providers, Schedule 738 X addresses the full spectrum of highly demanding HR, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements and Social Services. Schedule 738 X services include:

  • Human Resource Services (excluding EEO)
  • Private Shared Service Center for Core HR Services
  • Private Shared Service Center for non Core HR Services
  • Pre Employment Background Investigations
  • Social Services, Professional Counseling, Veterans’ Readjustment & Behavioral Health
  • EEO Services


Office Solutions: Supplies & Services – Schedule 75

MAS 75 is currently closed to new offers. No new offers are being accepted at this time.


Photo Equipment, Supplies, Services – Schedule 67

Top-notch camera equipment offerings, supplies, accessories and related photographic services are all available. GSA contractors on Schedule 67 provide you with green solutions, including digital services for film and media, as well as website photo storage systems. These systems have the capability to accept images from any format, and can be downloaded directly from any digital camera.

  • Film, paper, chemical processing equipment for photographic and radiographic application(s)
  • Photographing services and solutions
  • Photographic laboratory systems
  • Cameras and accessories
  • Photographic digital technologies
  • Photo instrumentation
  • Product support for photographic products & services


Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions – Schedule 58 I

  • Televisions (Energy Star and EPEAT)
  • Televisions for hospitals, hotels, and motels (Energy Star and EPEAT)
  • VRCs, VCP, DVD (Energy Star)
  • Television/VCR/DVD combinations (Energy Star and EPEAT)
  • Audio components (Energy Star)
  • Handheld camcorders
  • Recording and reproducing video and audio equipment
  • Monitors and monitors/receivers (including spare and repair parts and accessories – EPEAT)
  • Television cameras (color or monochrome), including spare and repair parts and accessories (for professional industrial or broadcast purposes)
  • Audio equipment, including spare and repair parts and accessories
  • Telecommunications equipment, including spare and repair parts and accessories
  • Introduction of new products, including spare and repair parts and accessories
  • Ancillary services
  • Professional audio/video assessment, design, and integration
  • Professional audio/video production
  • Professional audio/video services


Publication Media – Schedule 76

Schedule holders offer a myriad of digital services including, but not limited to:

  • e-Publishing
  • On-demand publishing
  • Digital editing and workflow solutions
  • Online bookselling services

Periodical and Subscription Services

Access to a host of multi-media products, kits, and entertainment and news wire services. Schedule holders include the McGraw-Hill Companies, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis and the Kiplinger Washington Editors. Selections are available on every subject in both print and digital format, including:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Accounting
  • Technical specifications
  • Business management reference materials

Customers can purchase Lending Library Services for books, maps and periodicals online. Disciplines available include:

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Literature
  • Management
  • Computer reference manuals


Scientific Equipment and Services – Schedule 66

GSA provides one stop shopping for all general purpose and specialized laboratory equipment and furniture, unmanned aerial vehicles, measurement and testing equipment, and laboratory test and analysis services. GSA’s Schedule 66 offerings include:

  • Geophysical and Environmental Analysis Equipment
  • Laboratory Instruments, Furnishings and LIMS
  • Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Geophysical Testing Services
  • Test and Measurement Equipment, Unmanned Scientific Vehicles


Security, Fire, & Law Enforcement – Schedule 84

To protect one’s self from the elements, fire, biochemical exposure, accidental immersion, or other hazardous materials, see what is available in Schedule 84. Uniforms, safety shoes, and boots of all types are available as well. Schedule 84 offerings include:

  • Security System Management, Design and Support Services, Marine Craft and Waterfront Security Products and Services
  • Alarm and Signal Systems, Facility Management Services, Professional Security/Facility Management Services and Guard Services
  • Employment, Forensic Drug Testing Equipment and Services
  • Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)
  • Surveillance Systems, Wearable Body Cameras, Vehicular Video
  • Firefighting and Rescue Equipment, Urban and Wildland
  • Law Enforcement and Security Equipment Supplies and Services
  • Marine Craft and Equipment
  • Special Purpose Clothing
  • Process monitoring
  • Hazard alarms
  • Audible/visual alarms
  • Anti-theft alarms
  • Patient wandering systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Drug-Testing Services and Supplies Now Available


Shipping, Packaging, Packing Supplies – Schedule 81 I B

Schedule 81 I B is your one-stop resource for day-to-day packaging and shipping supply needs, and more. This Schedule provides everything you need to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively prepare and transport items. Schedule 81B offerings include:

  • Bags and sacks
  • Packaging services
  • Maintenance, repair, and modification of containers
  • Pallets, plastic, and wood
  • Unique Identification (UID) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Bottles, jars, boxes, cartons, crates, container systems, and metal drums
  • Wrapping and strapping materials
  • Packaging and packing bulk materials
  • Performance-oriented packaging (POP), plastic-over pack, and hazardous material packaging
  • Aluminum foil
  • New technology
  • Bio-hazardous disposal bags
  • Bombsight boxes
  • Refrigerated shippers
  • Shipping/storage containers


Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies & Signs (SPORTS) – Schedule 78

A one-stop resource for athletic, promotional, recreational, and recognition needs, and products, gear, accolades, and. Schedule 78 offerings include:

  • Fitness
    • Fitness center management services
    • Personal trainer and aerobic/cardio class leader/instructor
    • Fitness center equipment maintenance
    • Packaged fitness
  • Sports and More
    • Sporting goods equipment and supplies
    • Fitness equipment
    • Turfs, greens, and floors
    • Poolside
    • Sounds of music
    • Child’s play
    • Sports clothing and accessories
    • Introduction of new products/services relating to athletic clothing, recreational equipment, and/or instruments
  • Signs, Displays, Flags, and Identification Products
    • Signs
    • Safety zone products
    • Ancillary supplies and/or services
    • Introduction of new products/services relating to signs and safety zone products
  • Fun in the Great Outdoors, including Park and Outdoor Recreational Equipment and Wheel and Track Vehicles
    • Camping and hiking equipment
    • Park and recreational tables, benches, outdoor pool and patio furniture and bleachers (small business set-aside)
    • Park and playground equipment
    • Introduction of new products and services relating to park and outdoor recreational equipment and/or wheel and track vehicles
    • Wheel and track vehicles
    • Utility vehicle, unlicensed, off-road, automotive design
    • Mobile homes, travel trailers with ancillary services
    • Recreational watercraft
  • Trophies, Awards, Presentation, and Promotional Products


Temporary and Administrative Professional Staffing (TAPS) – Schedule 736

Proven temporary staff, ranging from secretaries to accounting clerks and attorneys, are available in as little as one day. Temporary staff can work a short time, or from an initial 120 workdays up to a maximum 240 workdays. Choose from various occupations, such as:

  • Administrative and clerical support
  • Automatic data processing
  • General services and support
  • Information and arts
  • Technical and professional


Hardware SuperStore – Schedule 51V

Hardware items to help you maintain your units, offices, and buildings. Schedule 51V offerings include:

  • Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Lubricants
  • Hardware Store Products via Catalog or Right Out of the Hardware Store
  • Rental of Equipment
  • Industrial Quality Hand Tools
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment & Nursery Products
  • Office, Commercial, and Household Appliances
  • Industrial Machinery