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Government Procurement Strategies and Platforms

Course Description

This course that delves into key aspects of government procurement. Discover the ins and outs of government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs), gain insights into GSA registration processes, and understand the significance of distribution and pricing agreements (DAPA).

Additionally, explore prominent procurement platforms such as ECAT, FedMall, and EMall, and learn how to leverage them effectively in your procurement strategies. This course equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex landscape of government procurement and achieve success.

What You’ll Learn From This Course
  • Explore government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs)
  • Master the process of GSA registration
  • Understand the significance of distribution and pricing agreements (DAPA)
  • Discover the benefits and functionalities of ECAT procurement platform
  • Leverage the power of FedMall and EMall procurement platforms in your business

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  • Video Length1 Min
  • Time to complete15 mins