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DLA Programs

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has several other programs that are noteworthy. The three we will go over are:

  • Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA),
  • Electronic Cataloguing (ECAT), and
  • Federal Mall (FedMall)

The main reason for the DLA is to assist and support the Department of Defense (DOD) along with the rest of the nation.

A company must be active and registered in SAM with a CAGE code to use any of these systems.


The DLA Troop Support often needs to supply medical or surgical supplies to the rest of the DOD. They do this by establishing an agreement called DAPA.

The program that uses DAPA is the DLA Troop Support's Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) program. These are contracts between Prime Vendors who act as distributors for the products supplied to them.

DAPA, however, is not a contract, is an agreement that allows prime vendors the ability to distribute the items at their negotiated prices.


The DLA Troop Support's Medical Supply Chain created ECAT to simplify their buying processes. Like DAPA, this catalog was created for medical and surgical supplies.

ECAT uses an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or ECAT's Supplier Order Management (SOM) interface to quickly connect to a vendor, order, and pay them.

To apply to ECAT, a company must respond to the solicitation and prepare its proposal accordingly.


FedMall is an e-commerce system that allows the federal government, state, and some local agencies, to purchase products from their system.

To place your items on FedMall, you must have an account within the DLA's Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE). The fastest way to begin adding your items is by having a Long Term Agreement (LTA) Or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with an agency for items or services that you can sell.

The new alternative method is by registering on their MarketPlace and providing your catalog of specific items that FedMall is allowing on the system.

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