Tungsten e-Invoicing through the Department of Veteran Affairs

Tungsten is the leading global business-to-business electronic invoicing network, used in more than 90 countries. The Tungsten e-Invoicing network simplifies and streamlines invoice-to-pay processes between companies and their suppliers. Electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) is a communication methodology that utilizes the Internet to allow the VA to receive invoice data as well as the invoice image directly from vendors without the need to print and mail paper invoice copies. As defined, emailed invoices and fax are not acceptable because the ability for the computerized system to automatically read the invoice data and route it for payment is lost.

Tungsten receives invoice data from you through the Internet and verifies certain data fields on behalf of the VA key to AP routing and approval, and sends a confirmation report to a contact (or group email) of your choosing. Tungsten will then create an invoice PDF from that data and have the data and PDF image delivered into the VA accounts payable system. The certifying official at the station can then have the data and image available for certification.

Getting started

Generally this invoice system is set up through the VA . However, once the system is active you can request that you use it for all of your other government contracts if another allows it. Some agencies like the Department of Defense already have another invoicing system called Wide Area Workflow they use.

Your account has been created on your behalf by the VAFSC with Tungsten. Subsequent to this communication, Tungsten will be contacting you to introduce the program and set you up on the Tungsten network. If you do not hear from Tungsten or would want to expedite the process, please email va.registration@Tungsten.com with the name of your company for priority.

How to enroll for payments?

If the VA or a government agency has not sent you a your account information you must request an account. First make sure you are registered in System for Award Management (SAM) and then Fax the Veteran Affairs VA FSC office at (512) 460-5221 your DUNS number. The VA office will then look up your registered business information SAM. The Tungsten e-voicing system ensures that the VA receives the required data in a format that will automatically upload into their accounting software and is in full compliance with the Prompt Payment Act.

Invoice Requirements

Supplier invoices submitted to the VA “must” include the information contained in this document. These guidelines are being implemented to establish a more efficient and cost effective means of transacting business. We thank you in advance for your

adherence to these guidelines as they are needed to ensure proper and timely processing of invoices.

Invoice Number

You, the supplier, assign this number, to uniquely identify each invoice. This is the number that will be referenced on the remittance advice when payment is made. Care must be taken to avoid repeating invoice numbers.

Invoice Date

This is the issue date of the invoice and should be the date of shipment of goods or the completion of services. The invoice date must be referenced on the invoice.

Purchase order number

A valid purchase order (PO) number is required to be referenced on the invoice. Invoices not containing a valid PO number will be rejected. This should have been assigned at the award of the contract, and can be obtained by contacting the VA contracting officer.

Unit Price

The unit price on your invoice must agree with the unit price on the VA Purchase order for each line item.

Quantity and Unit of Measure

The quantity and unit of measure on your invoice must be identical to that stated on your the VA Purchase Order. Please audit and verify that the measurement agrees with your shipment/services. If these do not match, please contact your buyer and ensure the exact match.

Total Invoice Price

This amount includes line value plus purchase deviation, freight and any other incremental costs. Please verify and audit that your total calculated amount is accurate prior to submitting invoices.

Ship-To Location Name and/or code

All invoices must show the ship to location address and/or code exactly as it appears on the Purchase Order or as provided by the Purchasing Representative.

Receipt of Goods/Services

The VA must validate receipt of goods or completion of services prior to the processing of any invoice. Please ensure that valid documentation is supplied to the VA.

Invoice Payment Terms

Your invoice must reference invoice payment terms noted on the VA Purchase Order or per agreement.

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