GSA Simplifies Doing Business with the Government

The U.S. General Services Administration on Thursday, April 6, 2016, launched what it is affectionally calling its “Making It Easier (MIE)” program.

The MIE program, according to GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth, makes working with the government easier for new and innovative companies, provides small businesses with tools and support they need to do work with the government, and includes an IT Schedule 70 Plain Language Roadmap that explains the Schedule 70 offer process for new vendors in clear and simple terms.  The program also makes available a standard welcome packet to companies after they are awarded their first Schedule contract. This packet, said Roth, “will put an end to new vendors receiving inconsistent and outdated guidance.”

According to Roth, tens of billions of dollars go through GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules each year, and as these contract dollars increase, so do complaints about how difficult getting a Schedule contract is, how long the process takes, and how difficult changing the contract is.

“MIE has answers to both those issues,” said Roth, unveiling the GSA’s new FASt Lane and IT Schedule 70 Springboard.

FASt Lane, according to Roth, cuts the time it takes to get specific new innovative IT suppliers on Schedule 70 … from 110 to 45 days. And the time it takes for changes to be made to a current contract has been cut down to one or two business days …much quicker than before. The IT Schedule 70 Startup Springboard gives highly qualified businesses an alternative to the current 2-year professional experience requirement. This means we can get startup companies offering emerging technologies onto Schedules and into the hands of customer agencies faster.

GSA also recently launched a Forecast Tool giving small businesses a new way to search for upcoming contracting opportunities – another piece of GSA’s growing environment of innovation and progress.

Watch Roth talk more about the program here.

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