IAE Common Services Platform Approved

GSA’s Integrated Award Environment (IAE) Common Services Platform (CSP) recently passed a rigorous security assessment and operational check and has received its Authorization to Operate (ATO). This is very important as the ATO ensures security for future users of the CSP and their data. The CSP platform is a PaaS or cloud platform-as-a-service. It simplifies and automates many software and hardware deployment and configuration tasks, freeing up developers and operations teams for more mission critical tasks.

“A secure CSP is a foundation for future innovation,” said Eric Ferraro, IAE assistant commissioner. “Our developers will gain maximum flexibility to innovate while still maintaining security over user information and data. This technology platform can bring ten formerly disparate award management applications together while supporting a technology roadmap that enables us to build and launch new features well into the future.”

First and foremost, the CSP supports a DevOps workflow, streamlining platform operations and management, while promoting an agile relationship between different teams. The move to DevOps is a culture shift for IAE and means teams can develop and release innovative IAE features to the award management community faster than ever before.

The CSP also includes a suite of search tools allowing government contracting business development staff and others access to important award management information and trends in the CSP cloud. In addition, common identity and access management features allow users to log into multiple IAE applications using a single sign-on, making their experience seamless and more efficient.

Additionally, the CSP launch lets us offer application programming interfaces (APIs) that include tools making IAE’s award management data even more accessible to developers and opening the door for further innovation.

But that’s not all: there’s also the Data Lake, a secure cloud data storage repository. This allows the CSP to serve as a central storage location for a wide range of award management data.

This first ATO is a big step for cloud-based innovation at GSA and allows IAE to start designing and building federal award functions on a new secure platform. And the PAAS configuration frees up more time for IAE to develop the kind of leading edge tools that the award management community has come to expect from large-scale web applications.

This originally appeared on gsa.gov.

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