Calling all Procurement Specialists & Government Buyers

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPS is currently putting together a new video web series where we will interview government buyers, procurement officers/managers and anyone involved in government contracting.  We will also take interviews by phone and email but we would like to produce a few videos to apply towards our Youtube page and a Television series that is in the works.

Government buyers would be asked questions like:

* What advice would you give to contractors looking to win government contracts.

What do you look for most in a government contractor prior to hiring them?

* What is the best way to submit a bid? Formally or in-formally?

The purpose of the series will be to help small business government contractors hear what they need to do in order to win government contracts.  The best part about the series is that it will be dictated directly from real government buyers.  This tell-all series will allow contractors to take notes and be ready for the road ahead in government contracting.

Any government buyers interested in being interviewed are encouraged to contact Max Timko, Director of Marketing at 727-471-2166 or by email at

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