US Federal Contractor Registration Testimonial: Greatrex Global Learning Testimonial is Released


US Federal Contractor Registration Testimonial

Andrew Greatrex, President of Greatrex Global Learning LLC recently conducted a video testimonial with US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist John Lynch and Director of Marketing Max Timko.  Andrew talks about US Federal Contractor Registration customer service, the Simplified Acquisition Program (SAP), government contracts that their company has been awarded as a result of SAP, and what he has learned about the federal marketplace thus far.  The US Federal Contractor Registration Testimonial given by Andrew is a perfect example of how a business brand new to government contracting can become extremely successful in a short amount of time. This video review is a true testament to the businesses who use utilize the Simplified Acquisition Program properly and make real connections with government buyers.

Below is the video testimonial conducted with Andrew Greatrex of Greatrex Global Learning LLC:

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