How to Prepare for a Contractor Debrief


We all know their can only be one winner in every competition. In government contracting a procurement officer will only choose one contractor to fulfill their procurement solicitation.  When businesses bid on government contracts they run the obvious risk of losing to a business that has been deemed more qualified. It is important that contractors do not give up and request a Contractor Debrief in the wake of their rejected bid. Every business should prepare a number of questions for the procurement officer in order to make sure the best feedback possible is given in return.  Finding out every detail to why a business lost the bid can make all the difference in the world for their next bidding opportunity. 

Contractors are encouraged to ask the following questions during their Contractor Debrief in order to discover improves that will ultimately help their business win government contracts in the future: 

As a contracting officer what was left out of the proposal?

What would make one vendor stand out among the others?

Why was the other vendor hired and what was the deciding factor?

What are some key aspects that Contracting Officers look for in new vendors?

Are there any other helpful hints that would improve a bid strategy the next time a bid is submitted. 

Is it smart to list warranties or product guarantees?

What is a good way to go above and beyond when submitting a bid proposal?

Once a business is done asking their questions, they should thank the contracting officer for taking the time to speak with them. Make sure to create and maintain a professional relationship with the contracting officer.  Sending emails as well as communicating through social networks such as LinkedIn can improve the chances of winning a contract in the future. Businesses that decide to implement a government marketing program have been found to be more successful and develop a better past performance portfolio in the federal marketplace. 

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