Simplified Acquisition Program Website is Launched


After numerous success stories and an enormous need from the general public for a government marketing program that works, US Federal Contractor Registration’s Simplified Acquisition Program emerges in 2015 to be the best choice for contractors. In fact, US Federal Contractor Registration launched an entire website in October 2014 devoted to the Simplified Acquisition Program.  Businesses can visit to learn more about the Simplified Acquisition Program and how it works.

FAR 13 Simplified Acquisition Program

The Simplified Acquisition Program website has even incorporated a few new pages that discuss the FAR 13 in greater detail.  The new page of “FAR 13 Simplified Acquisition Program” talks about how US Federal Contractor Registration found that businesses needed a better way to brand themselves in the federal marketplace.  Small business contractors needed a way to become registered and immediately brand and market themselves to government buyers. The second part of the page breaks down FAR 13 from FAR 13.000 to 13.106-3, which covers simplified acquisition procedures and fast payment procedures for contracting officers. The last part discusses how in may cases simplified acquisition contracts are known to turn into sole source contract (no bid contracts).  This can occur if a contracting officer feels a business is a perfect fit for the solicitation. The next new page on the Simplified Acquisition Program website is called Success Stories.  Success Stories is a long list of businesses that have won government contracts with the help of the Simplified Acquisition Program.  Awards won range all the way up to over a million dollars and as low as a few thousand.  Each of these links lead to press releases that discuss the business and award contract at full length.

The beauty of the Simplified Acquisition Program is that it prepares businesses for not only simplified acquisition contracts and micro-purchases, but also much larger sealed bidding opportunities.  The Simplified Acquisition Program provides contractors with proven solutions to help promote their business and extend federal creditability to government buyers across the nation. Some of these solutions include a government formatted website, a profile in Dynamic Small Business Search, federal bid notifications, and even yearlong technical support for the simplified acquisition environment.  Businesses that would like to speak with a live acquisition specialist about enrollment can call the US Federal Contractor Registration Helpline at (877) 252-2700 Ext 1.

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