Why Government Subcontracting is Right for You & Easy to Do

government subcontracting

Government subcontracting is perhaps one of the easiest ways to establish Past Performance with the United States Federal Government.  Government subcontracting is all about growing your resume with the United States Government.  The more projects you contract with prime government contractors the better your Past Performance and Capability Statement will ultimately look in the long run. The more federal work you have under your belt will help increase your chances of winning your own government contract when you decide to upgrade from government subcontracting work to becoming an actual full-time government contractor. 

Procurement officers looking to hire government contractors for a project are constantly looking to fulfill their small businesses quota of 23%.  Contracting officials search for small businesses that meet certain federal set-asides on Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS).  When a procurement officer is on DSBS they are looking at a number of different entities. If a business does not have a properly created Capability Statement, contracting officers will overlook your profile. Government subcontracting is a great way to develop years of experience in your Past Performance and create a great active online profile on the necessary government databases such as DSBS, FBO, SAM, etc.

Businesses must keep in mind that government subcontracting can be just as involved as being a full blown government contractor.  Making sure you are marketing your business to the correct prime contractors can be a long steady process.  However, if you are implementing a solid federal marketplace strategy in developing your outreach and branding, you can be successful as a subcontractor.  Subcontractors with the following are properly prepared for government subcontracting involvement: 

* Government-Formatted Website 

* State Level Registration

* Optimized Subcontracting Reports with Historical Data 

* List of Prime Vendors

* Federal & State Bid Notification

* List of procurement officers (once registered as a government contractor)

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