GSA Prepares for GWAC Alliant II

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After the enormous success of the GSA’s Alliant Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC), the GSA starts to prepare new details for Allaint II which will be an active contract through April 2019.  Alliant was a contract designed solely for IT services in which 54 agencies were involved and over $16.5 billion in government contracts was awarded.

Alliant Small Business is currently at $4.5 billion in contracts awarded. Businesses that wish to become involving in government contracting to bid on Alliant must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) registration.  It is also encouraged that businesses utilize a simplified acquisition program to help network with procurement officers and prime contractors around the nation.

Alliant II plans to be more flexible according to Casey Kelley, Director of the GSA’s GWAC Center.  In an interview with Federal Times, Kelley stated ”

I think we can confidently say on behalf of all GSA that both contracts — Alliant and Alliant Small Business — to date have exceeded expectations in terms of total dollars awarded on the two respective contract vehicles through approximately five years. Alliant is today at $17.5 billion in total sales.

 Alliant Small Business through five years is about $4.5 billion in sales.  So combined between the two contract vehicles, $21 billion through five years, that is very successful. When I say sales, that means the sum of all orders made on Alliant contract vehicles, including the option periods which they have to exercise.”

Businesses that wish to learn more about GWACs can click here to learn more.

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