US Federal Contractor Registration: Dixie Paper Company Wins Simplified Acquisition Contract

Dixie Paper Company

US Federal Contractor Registration recently signed Dixie Paper Company up for a Government Regional Marketing program and it turned out to be a success.  As recorded in the Federal Procurement Data System ( or on, US Federal Contractor Registration and their Director of Marketing/Public Relations, Max Timko helped Dixie Paper Company win a government contract for approximately $105,070.50 in November of 2013 to the United State Department of the Army.


After completing the account information with Paige Horn at Dixie Paper Company Max Timko started to perform a regional procurement outreach campaign where US Federal Contractor Registration utilized Dixie Paper Company’s Government Resume to market their business to procurement officers located in the Louisiana Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma Mississippi, Iowa and Minnesota area of the United States.  A capability statement was designed for Dixie Paper Company and send out to several thousand procurement officers in the selected region.  The process resulted in a lucrative contract from the Army. Businesses can contact US Federal Contractor Registration at 877-252-2700 to connect with an Acquisition Specialist to survey the federal marketplace to win government contracts.

Businesses that would like to learn more about the Simplified Acquisition Program should visit

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