3 Easy Ways For Small Businesses To Win Government Contracts According to US Federal Contractor Registration


US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest and most respected third party registration firm that proves government registration and federal marketing services to businesses across the globe.  US Federal Contraction has listed the 3 easiest ways for small businesses to win government contracts in the federal marketplace.

1. Simplified Acquisition Threshold

The Simplified Acquisition threshold is simply federal contract purchases that are between $3,000 and under $150,000.    If the purchases under $100,000 require less approval and less documentation involved in the purchase. On April 25, 2012, the Office of Management and Budget for the Executive Office of the President released a follow-up memorandum discussing the requirements in the Small Business Act.  This release restated how agencies are required to set aside work for small businesses due to the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. $150,000 or under requires the Officer to use small business services unless the officer deems the ‘rule of two’ and there are not enough reasonable expectations currently being offered.  US Federal Contractor Registration has created a solution to win these contracts and they call it their Simplified Acquisition Program. The Simplified Acquisition Program targets procurement officers and federal online databases to help promote a small business’s products and services.  US Federal Contractor Registration’s Simplified Acquisition Program includes bids to email, current procurement officers that purchase related services and a profile in the federal small business search database.

2. Micro-purchases and the SmartPay acquisition credit card

Micro-purchases are primarily purchases under $3,000.  Most of the time businesses must apply for the government contract through FedBizOpps and then sign up for a federal invoicing system and then see the contracting funds a little while later. However, that is the exact opposite when it comes to micro-purchases. Some procurement officers have SmartPay credit cards that have a limit above $3,000 that can be charged up to $15,000 inside the country and $25,000 outside of the country for a purchase of goods or services. US Federal Contractor Registration sends out government resumes directly to their network of procurement officers so small businesses can receive immediate attention to win these micro-purchases.

3. Small Business Act of 1953

Congress created the Small Business Act in 1953 in an effort to enforce procurement officers and federal agencies to spend a portion of their annual budget on small businesses.  The Small Business Act required procurement officers to devote 23% of their contract spending directly to small business. Since the creation of the Small Business Act, more federal set-asides have developed over the years to provide economically and socially disadvantaged businesses contracts assistance. These businesses include: Total Small Businesses, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Veteran Owned, Woman Owned Businesses, HUBZone Businesses, 8a businesses, etc.  The U.S. Census Bureau recognizes that small businesses create 90% of the new jobs that go on the market. Thus, creating more opportunity for growth in government contracting would create more jobs for United Stated citizens. US Federal Contractor Registration makes sure that businesses are not only properly registered in System for Award Management (SAM) but determines if their business qualifies for government contracting and if they apply to any available federal set-asides.  US Federal Contractor Registration has made it their career in making sure small businesses not only survive in government contracting but thrive.

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