US Federal Contractor Registration Reports System for Award Management (SAM) Officially Now Live After Day of Unexplained 404 Error

US Federal Contractor Registration

After US Federal Contractor Registration reported this past Friday that the federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) database was down they are happy to report it is officially back up and operational.  Contractors that wish to win government contracts and receive grants from the federal government must be registered in SAM.  However, this past Friday an unexpected and unexplained 404 error left contracts confused and worried. Luckily, US Federal Contractor Registration worked countless overtime hours to help current clients update their information and resolve issues despite contractors being locked out of their SAM account. If at anytime a business needs assistance gaining access to their SAM registration or in need of federal marketplace advice they can always reach out to US Federal Contractor Registration.


US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration that keeps close tabs on SAM and other government regulated databases regarding government contracting.  Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration stated, “It was a shock to see SAM down again but thankfully we have an amazing staff of procurement specialists that still managed to point the thousands of contractors that contacted us in the right direction during the 404 error.”  US Federal Contractor Registration is encouraging businesses who were to blocked on Friday and businesses interested in government contracting to call their Contractor Hotline at (877) 252-2700 Ext. 1 to see if their business qualifies to be a government contractor.



Businesses that hire US Federal Contractor Registration are not put at any risk during the government registration process due to the experience and validation of services. Most businesses not only look at it as a safe investment but a guarantee of approval. Why put your business at risk of fines or unresolved issues? Businesses that are not properly registered in the SAM registration usually are given a federal fine, neglected by procurement officers and/or left idle in the massive SAM database.


US Federal Contractor Registration has registered over 60,000 private sector businesses in the SAM registration some of which include McGraw Hill, HP, Wells Fargo, Xerox, GoodWill, Dixie, UPS, Heinz, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Westin, Interstate Oil, CITI, and Coldwell Banker. As well as academic institutions and colleges like NYC, Northwestern, Oxford, Southwestern, and Mercer. Numerous federal agencies like US Army, US Navy, Veteran Affairs and United States Department of Agriculture have also had their government paperwork facilitated by US Federal Contractor Registration Case Managers.

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