Polar Vortex Pushes Harsh Weather Conditions Across the Country


POLAR VORTEXWeather conditions across the country have been getting worse as temperatures plummet below -35F in some parts of the country. Southern parts of the country are being hit with colder weather than they have experienced in the past 20 years. Meteorologists are calling it a Polar Vortex due to the weakened spinning air flow that has allowed sub-zero air that is normally trapped to leak out. This sub-zero air flow has made its way in a counter clockwise movement across the United States. Citizens are being advised to take shelter and not let any skin be exposed to these freezing temperatures.


When the temperature drops to this drastic degree machines are destroyed and roadways are damaged among many other problems. Just like a business, the federal government needs to hire specialists who know how to fix these problems. That is why it is so important for businesses to become properly registered in System for Award Management (SAM). Once a business is registered in SAM they can then work for the federal government to help repair broken equipment due to the Polar Vortex.

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