DoD Plans to Forge Better Federal Contracts for Government Contractors


The DoD plans to increase the amount and quality of contracting opportunities by increasing training to employees, creating 11 integrated cost-analysis teams and better utilizing the Contract Business Analysis Repository (CBAR). The CBAR supplies important business information about properly registered government contractors.


Shay Assad, Pentagon Procurement Official put to rest some of the misconceptions circling around about hiring inexperienced procurement officers at the Department of Defense (DoD).  Assad’s statement was said in front of a large crowd at the recent National Management Association’s Annual Government Contract Management Symposium. Assad referred to the DoD purchasing workforce stating, “Our workforce today is healthier and stronger than it has been in the last 10 years or so.” Other DoD reports were describing the DoD contracting officers as overloaded and inexperienced. When according to Assad, 35% of the DoD staff has had business experience prior to their current position with the DoD as a federal purchasing officer.



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