Government Shutdown 2013: GSA’s Acquisition Services Remain Intact While 8,000 GSA Employees Furloughed


The GSA has announced that out of their current federal staff of 11,821 employees, only 4,094 will stay on active duty during the current government shutdown.  With almost 8,000 federal employees on temporary leave; Congress unfortunately shows no clear signs of agreement.  However, despite the amount of employees on leave, the GSA will continue contract acquisitions without any delays. Dan Cruz, spokesman for the GSA stated “the GSA must provide a minimal level of staffing to provide federal agencies support for functions that must continue during the lapse period.”


According to a CNN Report, the House of Representatives passed two spending bills that would amend the Affordable Health Care Act or better known as Obamacare. The Senate is projected to reject the two amendments stating earlier that any amendment to Obamacare would be a deal breaker. This would cause Congress to slowly lay on the breaks due to a spending bill not being approved. Hence, the government shutdown.

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