Government Shutdown 2013: Who Will Be Affected?


Bottom line, not government contractors. With the first day of the new fiscal year this Tuesday, contracting officers are in fifth gear spending the last of their funds, because if they do not use it, they lose the remain funds for the following year.


Below is an anticipated list of federal departments affected as of now:


1. 800,000 DoD employees will be furloughed without pay

2.  FEMA, DHS, Secret Service, Border Patrol will furlough roughly 14% of their staff (FEMA will still continue helping and spending)

3.  50% of the Department of Health and Human Services will be furloughed (medicare and medicaid will not be affected)

4. FDA is unaffected

5. Troops aboard are unaffected

6. Federal Visitor centers and National Parks will close.

7.  The Department of Motor Vehicles and libraries in Washington DC will be shutdown

8.  Federal set-side businesses will continue to receive benefits

9. Contracting officers will continue spending and hiring; First day of new fiscal year is tomorrow keep that in mind

10.  All passport offices will close

11. Some state department workers will be told to go home

12. Nonessential employees will be told to go home

13, Syria crisis continues, just less media coverage.

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