Nation’s Lead Expert in Cryogenic Engineering/Safety Training Utilizes US Federal Contractor Registration to Qualify for Federal Contracts


Cryogenic Engineering is a field of study that only few individuals are knowledgeable due to its complexity. David-John Roth is the nation’s leading expert in cryogenic engineering and cryogenic safety training. Roth, a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines has been teaching cryogenic engineering for over 30 years to organizations such as NASA, numerous military divisions, Space Test Facilities, National Labs, and Nuclear Facilities who currently play pivotal roles in our nation.


Roth in his life time has taught a total of 138 cryogenic safety training courses around the nation. He is the last of his kind in the field of Cryogenic Safety Training and currently holds the title of Senior Engineer with Redstone Aerospace in cryogenic systems design and analysis group based out of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

In the recent transfer of federal government servers from CCR (Central Contractor Registration) to SAM (System for Awards Management), Roth decided to seek out help from the US Federal Contractor Registration. In a phone interview with Max K. Timko of US Federal Contractor Registration, Roth stated “The transfer from CCR to SAM in July was a disaster. My SAM account had become fragmented due to the 3 million other businesses conducting the transfer as well. I couldn’t even reach a representative at the SBA helpline to fix my issue. When I called US Federal Contractor Registration to help me register and fix my fragmented account it only took them a day to properly register me in System for Awards Management (SAM) and only two days to receive my CAGE code. I will renew with them every year because of the stress they saved me. I do not know why any business would want to attempt this process on their own. Leave it to the professionals at US Federal Contractor Registration who understand the process and can get you registered quickly. This service that US Federal Contractor Registration provides is well worth the price and my company CRYOCO would have never been registered as fast. I would have never been registered without US Federal Contractor Registration and I would recommend their service to every business who wants their registration done right.”


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