USDA Becomes Frustrated with the new SAM Registration Process; Turns to US Federal Contractor Registration for Help


GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSEven federal government agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture are finding it hard to register in System for Award Management (SAM). System for Award Management (SAM) is the nation’s government procurement database. Patricia Griffith, Information Technology Chief of the Grading and Verification Division (GVD) of the United States Department of Agriculture was having a tremendous amount of problems registering her department in SAM.

Griffith stated in an interview on April 22nd, 2013, “I attended a webinar in which they were going to teach me about the SAM registration process. I asked the question ‘what is the difference between creating a brand new SAM profile and migrating your information from CCR to SAM?’ The answer they gave me was that there is no difference between each process. Really!? I was shocked that this is what they have been telling people. If you ask anyone who has done the registration process before, it is in fact two completely different procedures.”

“I could not believe that they were telling us this and felt I needed to seek professional guidance on the subject. Needless to say, I sought out professional help with my registration, so I called US Federal Contractor Registration, the most respected registration firm in the world. Our division of Grading and Verification has to be registered in SAM in order to be reimbursed for the services that we provide other federal entities. I found that the registration process in SAM is extremely problematic and difficult. I am a federal official and I do not understand why this SAM registration is such a tedious process. Whoever designed this system needs to go back again and fix these problems. The amount of times SAM has crashed or locked businesses out is inexcusable. They need to fix what they have now before they incorporate any other websites to their database. I am personally disgusted with this SAM system.”

Every business interested in receiving government contracts must be registered in SAM. It is free to register; however, most business representatives feel the registration process is very challenging. That is why thousands of businesses have been hiring US Federal Contractor Registration to properly register their business in SAM. Griffith continued to quote, “I understand why so many businesses have decided to use US Federal Contractor Registration to register their business in SAM. US Federal Contractor Registration has facilitated my paperwork in a timely fashion thus far and I am currently waiting for my SAM profile to be completed. I would definitely recommend any business or any federal official unsure about government registration to reach out to US Federal Contractor Registration for help. I’m glad I did. As a government official, I cannot believe we make it this hard for businesses to become registered, thank god I found US Federal Contractor Registration.”

US Federal Contractor Registration is finding that more and more government agencies have been contacting their office to become properly registered in SAM. Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest third party registration firm stated, “We are honored and humbled that the United States Department of Agriculture, Grading and Verification Division (GVD) would chose to use our service to register their department in SAM. Not only do we specialize in registering businesses but we also register many government agencies as well in the System for Award Management. The government has their hands full with this new system and it is a pleasure serving any and all of our government agencies.” This is nothing new to US Federal Contractor Registration when it comes to registering federal agencies in SAM. Government agencies know as well as businesses that US Federal Contractor Registration has a trusted staff of government contracting experts that not only properly register them in SAM, but guide them in the right direction from bidding on contracts to nationwide marketing.

Government agencies and businesses who choose US Federal Contractor Registration for registration in SAM each receive a case manager to facilitate their government paperwork. Each case manager will be assigned to that client for an entire year, making sure they stay updated on available bidding opportunities. US Federal Contractor Registration can also provide nation-wide marketing and website design for businesses that wish to be connected directly to federal procurement officers all over the world. These valuable services have made the difference for tens of thousands of businesses that have decided to seek counsel from US Federal Contractor Registration. They help businesses not only survive, but thrive.


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