Top 3 Ways to Market Your Business in Government Contracting


GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSThere is a lot of discussion about what are the best ways to market your business to the federal government in government contracting. Making sure your company is branded and branded properly is the best way to develop an emerging image of your company online and in the federal marketplace.


Kenneth Moore, GSA Director of Rocky Mountain Region Client Support quoted in a phone interview with stating, “Just because you are registered in System for Award Management doesn’t mean you will start receiving government contracts. Specific sources I use are, E-MOD for GSA Schedules and when I am doing research for small business federal set-asides like HUBZone and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned businesses. My job is to legally get what the government needs. Businesses must market to the federal government through these databases in order to become noticed. I have also heard of third party registration firms conducting other types of marketing for businesses. Marketing is so important to a small business because these contracts are not going to just present themselves, your business needs to have a marketing strategy in order to get them. Businesses need to reach program and project managers within the government to be awarded these available contracts.”


Our 3 strategies are proven to help develop brand awareness and get a business noticed by procurement officers and awarded hefty government contracts and set-asides.

1. Create a Government-Formatted Website

Providing a government-formatted that can by pass all the government firewalls andGOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPS spyware is one of the best ways to get noticed on search engines. Procurement officers use regular search engines like Google and Yahoo just like the private sector. However, they also have other resources and databases to pull their contractors from as well, I will get to that.  A government-formatted website is a way to showcase all the required information that a federal buyer needs to see in order to award your business the contract.  Providing information like your Capability Statement, Past Performances, a Vendor Profile, Testimonials, and Services that your business provides are all categories that should be on a website of this caliber. Gov Kinex is a business that builds government-formatted websites for small businesses that want to be above the curve and by pass all these firewalls to reach federal procurement officers involved in government contracting.


2. Capability Statement Distribution

Now if you are unaware a Capability Statement in short is a government registration that is Capabilities Statementdesigned for your business. It provides information like your goods and services, DUNS number, Cage code, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, contact information, which Federal Set-Asides your business qualifies for and most importantly a brief description of your business. Every business involved in government contracting should have a Capability Statement, period. But the best way to get it out is by sending it to procurement officers. It is very difficult to track down procurement officers around the nation and you can only track each one down one solicitation at a time if you are searching on  That is why smart businesses choose government marketing services to conduct mass emailing to federal buyers to distribute their Capability Statement. US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm and provides these types of services to businesses in government contracting. Also make your you are checking everyday for new bids and contracts that are available for your business. In a lot of these cases in government contracting the earlier bird gets the worm!

and last but certainly not least…

3. Register in Agency Procurement Databases

By now you should know that your business must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) in order to become a registered government contractor. If not please FEMA Think Tankrefer to this link to learn about the procurement database and become registered. But aside from being registered in SAM there are specialized agency procurement databases that are completely free to sign up for and receive email bid notifications directly to your email just like for, has a list of all the federal agencies in the United States and every second one of these agencies has to have at least one procurement officers to purchase materials from staples to spaceships. By tracking down some of the procurement databases that are related to these agencies you can have a closer watch on contracting opportunities as well as bidding advantages.  Agencies like the VA, NASA, GSA and the DoD all have their own procurement databases.

For example, the DoD (Department of Defense) has a online website called TechMatch to help their agency with procurement needs. The GSA also has a database called ITSS/MORRIS that businesses can register in to receive procurement opportunities available for their business. These are just two of multiple that are currently out there for your business.


By applying these 3 key marketing strategies your business will start to grow as a seasoned vendor in government contracting.

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