GSA Investigates Temporary Outage of .gov Websites


GSAThe General Services Administration (GSA) is investigating what caused a number of .gov websites to mysteriously go down this past week.  GSA spokeswoman Mafara Hobson along with other GSA officials are speculating that it occurred due to the new DNSSEC cybersecurity measures being taken over the government’s online registry.  The GSA not only oversees the entire government online registry but also approves .gov application from local and state agencies.  The outage has been fixed but  Hobson has stated, “GSA is continuing to analyze this issue and work to ensure safeguards against it in the future.”  The federal government uses many forms of cyber protection against outside hackers or cyber terrorists.  However, even there federal employees have restrictions to specific websites.  For example, some websites being searched by federal officials will not always be visible because of the government firewalls and spyware.  That is why GovKinex creates websites to bypass these blockades in an effort to connect small businesses with federal procurement officers.


In an effort to modernize government marketing, Govkinex has developed a government-formatted website template designed to help businesses reach procurement officers. What makes the design of the government-formatted template so innovative is that it was constructed to be authorized by government firewalls and security measures. US Federal Contractor Registration’ s website development operation GovKinex has developed a government-formatted website package that works hand in hand with President Obama’s goals. Best of all, every GovKinex website is mobile ready for iPhone and Android compatibility. This makes it possible for government contractors to reach procurement officers on every available operating system, no matter what device contracting officers use to access the internet. These websites also allow businesses to market themselves directly to federal buyers. This service is a must have in today’s federal marketplace.

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