How to Change your Financial Information on your SAM Registration?


Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 3.00.48 PMOn the Financial Information page, you will enter the information necessary for the government to pay you for any goods or services you provide on your SAM registration.  If you do not have the information necessary to complete this page, contact your bank or financial institution.  It is always important to have this information readily available at the time of correction.  System for Award Management has a reputation of ‘timing-out’ a page if it has been inactive for too long.  Being inactive too long is in reference to your account being opened for a long period of time without being saved or information being entered into your entity.  You will lose all the information that you have included in your financial information section if you do not  your changes to your account.  Below is a few guidelines to editing your financial information on your SAM registration.



1.  Answer if your entity accepts the Governmentwide purchase card as a method of payment.


2.  You are asked for are the Department Code, which identifies the agency based on the Treasury Index of Agency Codes.


3.  Enter your Agency Location Code which corresponds to the registering office. This must be associated in a one-to-one relationship with the DUNS.  You will then receive a drop-down list based on your agency, and you may choose one.  If you do not know which code relates to this office, ask your finance office.



4.  Enter your Disbursing Office code assigned by the Treasury IPAC system.  You should have only one DO per record.  In rare circumstances you may find that you have more than one DO per record.  In that case you may need to create a DUNS + 4 or DoDAAC+4 extension after your initial record is active.  To do this return to this screen and select the “Add New Account Details” button to add the appropriate information.



5.  Enter your Merchant ID(s).  If you have indicated that you accept credit cards and that you are a “Seller” or “Buyer and Seller” then at least one Merchant ID is required.  If you work with two different banks to process credit card receipts, you may have two merchant IDs.


6.  Enter your Accounting Station, which is also referred to as Fiscal Station Number.  Enter your remittance information.  The remittance name and address information is mandatory data. This information will be used to mail you a paper check in the event that an EFT transfer does not work.  If you use a lockbox and want checks mailed directly to the bank, use the bank’s name and address here.  Click “Save and Continue.”

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