Government Agencies Turn to OASIS Program for Registered Small Business Contractors


US FEDERAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATIONThe GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) contract is becoming the top water cooler conversation around government agencies. The OASIS Program is designed for both small and large businesses properly registered in System for Award Management. The basic understanding of the OASIS Program is that businesses will be chosen to join pools according to their NAICS codes and industry. Each business in every pool will be given an opportunity to bid on a specific OASIS contract. What makes the OASIS Program so great is that if their business is chosen they won’t have to compete against the thousands of other businesses bidding on the same contract. They will only have to compete against 40 other registered government contractors in that OASIS contract pool. Agencies like the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center have already announced they will be using the OASIS small business contract program. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center plans to spend an average of around $500 million this year through the OASIS Program. The beauty of the OASIS contract is that it connects agency procurement officers with properly registered and experienced government contractors.

The Air Force, among other government departments, divisions, and agencies, requires FEMA Think Tankseveral professional services. The OASIS Program is continuing to discuss contract plans with Air Force officials and expects to sign into agreement a memorandum of understanding. This agreement will declare OASIS as the main contract vehicle for services to the United States Air Force. According to the GSA, the contract will be for a total of 10 years including indefinite-delivery and indefinite-quantity of professional services like management, engineering, logistics, and scientific services. The GSA is also speaking with other agencies that plan to use the OASIS program once it is released this month on July 24th. Jim Ghiloni, the Director of the GSA’s OASIS Program was quoted, “If there is as much demand as we’re hearing, this [OASIS] could take off, and I don’t want to have to redo it in four years because we didn’t anticipate success. We estimate billions of dollars on business flowing through the contract.”

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