OASIS Program Will Release First Government Contract RFP This Month


US FEDERAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATIONAfter much anticipation, the GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services, better known as the OASIS Program, will release their first Request for Proposal (RFP) in FBO.gov on July 24th. GSA announced this past week that the first OASIS contract will be for small businesses and will be worth up to $12 billion. According GSA officials, the actual OASIS contract will take place over the span of 10 years before completion. This contract will allow procurement officers to purchase professional services from contractors who guarantee an indefinite-quantity and indefinite-delivery for this OASIS contract award.

The OASIS program is built into two separate programs, which are divided by small business (SB) qualifications and large business qualifications. The OASIS Program(s) are designed to award indefinite contract opportunities to properly registered small business contractors. The OASIS Program will accept contractors who have experience in a particular industry and allow them to join a pool. These pools will then determine the relevant experience and NAICS code association. As of right now, the OASIS Program has stated that the OASIS contract will require relevant experience for projects in each contract pool. These pools will feature registered contractors in their areas of expertise.

There are still many changes that the GSA is considering, such as creating sub-pools that would provide around 20 additional awards. All of the contractors in these sub-pools would be focused in very specific sets of work in relation to their NAICS code or industry. Sub-pools would help organize and showcase the most experienced contractors in each trade. If the OASIS Program decides to move forward with specialized sub-pools, they will use NAICS codes to track each specific service featured in a contract.


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