Third Party Registration Firms Continue to Help Small Businesses Become Registered for Government Contracts


US FEDERAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATIONThird Party Registration Firms Continue to Help Small Businesses Become Registered for Government Contracts


Third party registration firms have been helping businesses with their government registrations for over 4 years now. Third party registration firms like US Federal Contractor Registration continue to register and migrate thousands of businesses in order to accept government contracts and awards.With only a little more than halfway through the year, US Federal Contractor Registration has already registered thousands of businesses for government contracts. Third party registration firms are privately owned businesses that have case managers that register a business in System for Award Management and have year long technical support for a nominal fee. US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest third party registration firm that properly registers businesses in System for Award Management. PTAC, or Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, are government funded education centers designed to physically meet with businesses to discuss the federal marketplace. PTAC was created by Congress in 1985 in an effort to expand the number of capable businesses in government contracting. PTAC guides small businesses but are unable to actually do the registrations.

This past week, Jane Dowgwillo, the State of Florida PTAC Program Manager, quoted in a phone interview with , “Third party registration firms that register businesses in System for Award Management are still a relatively new industry, which is why I understand why some businesses would not understand their service. Here at our Florida PTAC Office, we try to assist as many businesses as possible on a daily basis. However, when you only have an office of 10 people trying to aid an entire state with procurement and registration needs, it becomes difficult trying to make an appointment for every business to come in. These third party registration firms have many redeeming qualities. I fully understand and recognize why a business would want to use a third party registration firm especially if they would like someone else to perform the registration; or cannot make an appointment to come into one of our offices. I have heard of businesses using these types of services and have been very pleased with the result. Our PTAC Office provides assistance to businesses who wish to learn more about the registration process and how to get started. We also help businesses with questions about federal set-asides such as SDVOB, WOSB and 8(a) to name a few. Under the law we are not actually allowed to physically register a business due to legal reasons and not to show favoritism to one business over another. That being said we will still sit down with them for about an hour and provide tips on how to become registered. Then they can go home and review their registration and submit it to the federal government. If a business cannot make time to come into one of our offices I can understand why they would employ a service to conduct their SAM registration, such as a third party registration firm.”

The world’s largest third party registration firm is US Federal Contractor Registration. The firm employs over 40 government contracting experts whom are not only skilled in customer service, but have years of experience conducting government registrations. Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration commented in a phone interview with, “PTAC offices are a vital service to small businesses that have the time to make an appointment for a consultation. They will walk a business through the registration process but cannot actually do the paperwork for them. Most businesses that use our service don’t have the time or the man power to manage all the changes in the new government system. We find most small businesses qualify for a lot more contracts then they are currently receiving. If a company has the time, PTAC is an outstanding resource for small businesses. Most companies find that they don’t have the time to research how to become properly registered. That is why tens of thousands of businesses have trusted us with their paperwork to properly register their business.”

PTAC and third party registration firms both have great resources for businesses interested in becoming involved with government contracting. If a business can make it into a PTAC office to learn about the process, they will learn firsthand all about the registration. If a business is on a tight schedule and cannot make time for a visit to a PTAC office, a third party registration is a great way for a business to become properly registered in SAM. US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), aside from properly registering businesses in System for Award Management (SAM), also provides marketing strategies that help connect businesses to procurement officers all across the nation.

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