2013 Defense Authorization Act Improves Subcontracting Laws


GOVERNMENTCONTRACTINGTIPS.COMAs of right now, subcontractor whistleblowers will receive extra protection from the federal government when disputing claims in government contracting.  Originally, subcontractors would tell their problematic concerns about a subcontracting job to their immediate superviser and not to a government official.  This new law in the Defense Authorization Act will support the subcontractor and allow them to seek government official guidance with their complaint.  The law also allows whistleblowers to tell not only government employees and officials but a court and grand jury of the current mistreatment.

This new edition to the DAA will help improve subcontracting loyalty and give them a fair way to speak out if they are being treated unfairly as a subcontractor. This new law went into effect officially July 1, 2013.

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