New Government-formatted Website Package Designed for Procurement Smart Phones and Tablets


GOV KINEXPresident Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” So does our government’s program to better equip our federal workers whether it is in manufacturing, construction or technology. This past week, the Pentagon announced that the Department of Defense would now issue government approved iPhones and iPads to military and staff. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has allowed the iOS 6 operating system due to it efficiency and reliability. According to the DISA, they have created a division called the Defense’s Mobility Device Management System. This system will be used to manage applications and cyber-security. The DISA intends to support about 100,000 mobile devices from multiple vendors.

US Federal Contractor Registration’s website development operation Gov Kinex has developed a new government-formatted website package that works hand and hand with this new policy. This website package will help vendors reach federal buyer’s smart phones and tablets for procurement opportunities. Gov Kinex’s innovative government-formatted website package is created to bypass government firewalls and spyware due to its specialized design features. Best of all, every Gov Kinex website is mobile ready for iPhone and iPad compatibility. This will make it so every government contractor can reach procurement officers on any available operating platform whether it is iOS or Android. This allows any business to market themselves directly to federal buyers.

The DISA exclaimed that Apple devices were a vital step towards creating a multi-vendors environment, which would allow the government to choose from a number of available mobile devices. Mark Orndorff, DISA Information Assurance Executive stated, “All of these pieces must be in place to allow secure use of commercial mobile devices on department networks.”Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration and Creator of the Gov Kinex Division quoted, “Every business including ours must stay on top of the times, especially when it comes to technology. The new changes the government is implementing are extremely exciting to us. This will lead to an abundance of government contracts for contractors who stay up-to-date with advances in technology. We have invested millions of dollars in this new technology that allows contractors to connect with federal buyers. It is imperative that not just small businesses but all businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve have a government-formatted website.”


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