How to Register for Federal Set-Asides in Government Contracting


US Federal Contractor Registration released a brand new edition to their series of The SAM Assistance Program titled ‘What are Federal Set-Asides in Government Contracting?’  Host Max K. Timko describes some of the key federal set-asides that provide billions of contracting dollars to businesses that qualify.THE SAM ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Some of federal set-asides that are mentioned in the video are: Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, 8(a) and HUBZone Registration.  All of the videos in The SAM Assistance Program series can be found at on the First Steps to Government Contracting webpage, Youtube or US Federal Contractor Registration’s social media pages (Facebook/Google+/Twitter).

The SAM Assistance Program is produced by the largest third party registration firm in the world, US Federal Contractor Registration. Their company helps thousands of businesses register for government contracts, and help market their business to the federal government. Eric Knellinger, Executive Producer of The SAM Assistance Program and President of US Federal Contractor Registration stated, ”The SAM Assistance Program is designed to encourage small businesses to get started winning those valuable government contracts. This current video that covers the available federal set-asides truly informs businesses on all the contracting dollars that are available. Government contracting is not an easy thing to learn, especially if you have no guidance. We here at US Federal Contractor Registration and The SAM Assistance Program provide this guidance to any business interested in participating in government contracting.  These videos of The SAM Assistance Program provide businesses with the correct tools and information to be a contributing contractor in the government contracting arena. Just another effort we here at US Federal Contractor Registration provide to make sure small businesses are not only surviving, but thriving in government contracting.”


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