Having the Same Problem? Federal Service Desk Puts Callers Consistently on Hold for Hours of Wait Time 


GOVERNMENTCONTRACTINGTIPS.COMContractors seek help from US Federal Contractor Registration due to the difficulty of reaching a live representative at the Federal Service Desk.  Businesses are required to be registered in the procurement database called System for Award Management (SAM) to receive federal contracts. US Federal Contractor Registration has helped the Federal Help Desk register small businesses into  System for Award Management (SAM) due to the overwhelming amount of calls they have received.  “I have been given line numbers that are over 90 and waited over 2 hours on multiple occasions just to speak with someone at the Federal Service Desk,” stated Greg Riddell Jr. Mr. Ruddell is the CEO of C.A.O.T.T.I., Rocking R International, and StandOff Studios, which are all now in South Carolina. Mr. Riddell expressed his frustration with the Federal Service Desk describing it as a “nightmare” and “practically impossible to get through.”  Ruddell continued to state that, “It seems to me that they are overloadedand management needs to be changed. US Federal Contractor Registration has registered and renewed my businesses in SAM for three years now with nothing but excellent service.  The second I called their service a live representative answered immediately. I would tell any contractor who doesn’t have time to wait on the Federal Service Desk to give US Federal Contractor Registration a call and use their valuable service instead.”

Even Filomeno Boyas, President of Boyas Drafting & Design, the acclaimed glass and glazing company spoke out with dissatisfaction for the Federal Service Desk. In a phone interview with GovernmentContractingTips.com Mr.Boyas commented, “Funny story how I got involved with government contracting was that I was bidding on a project and I found out that I needed to be registered in SAM.  I was tired of trying to seek help from the Federal Service Desk because no one ever answered their phones.  When I reached out to US Federal Contractor Registration they made the registration process in SAM very simple and straight forward. Their staff helped me tremendously through the process.  I would recommend USFCR services to another business and I have recently been receiving bid invites for government projects.  This new positive avenue for work in my business is very exciting. I am now looking forward to the future and excited to see how my business will thrive in government contracting thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration.”

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