Veteran Owned Businesses Turn to US Federal Contractor Registration to Become Properly Registered in 2013


GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSVeteran-Owned businesses have been turning to US Federal Contractor Registration to help them with theirSystem for Award Management (SAM) registration. Despite Veteran Affairs awarding almost $4 billion to federal set-aside contracts this past year, contractors are still having trouble with the tiresome and over selective registration process. Due to the difficulty of the registration, veteran-owned businesses have been turning to US Federal Contractor Registration to help with their government registration. The Office of Veteran Affairs has done an amazing job assisting contractors in need of government assistance. However, when it comes to the actual registration most veterans are ‘handing the reins’ over to third party registration firms due to the difficulty of the overall process. Third party registration firms such as US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest third party registration firm have been working tirelessly to help Veteran-Owned businesses become registered and able to except bids for their small business.

In the past year, more and more Veteran Owned businesses have decided not to do the registrations on their own. Dinisio Gilbert of D & C Freight Logistics spoke out describing, “The SAM site is like a yo-yo. One day it is on, the next day it is off. Trying to call for help at the Federal Help Desk ends up being an all day process.”  This is just one of the many reasons why thousands of Veteran Owned businesses have decided to use a third party registration firm to make sure their business qualifies for these federal set-aside contracts and are properly registered to win bids.

Ronald Mueller, owner of Veteran Intrinsic Solutions used US Federal Contractor Registration to register his business for government contracts and facilitate his paperwork as a veteran-owned business. Mueller stated in a phone interview quoting, “I have seen it take businesses two years to qualify on their own in order to be registered. If you are unfamiliar with the registration process for government contracts and applying your business as veteran-owned, the road can be a long one without help. When I tried to register my business as veteran-owned I presented my DD 2:14, which contained all my retirement paperwork, my combat status, and that I was honorably discharged. Even with all that information there were still problems with becoming registered. I even went as far to present my Purple Heart and there was still issues registering my business as veteran-owned. I decided to go with US Federal Contractor Registration to make sure I was registered properly and eligible for these available set-asides and leave my paperwork to the professionals. US Federal Contractor Registration did my registration in SAM and prepared me fully for these contracts. For that, I will always be very thankful.”

US Federal Contractor Registration helped small businesses register previously in CCR and ORCA. Now US Federal Contractor Registration registers businesses in the new procurement database of System for Award Management (SAM). Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration, stated, “We here at US Federal Contractor Registration are proud to serve the men and women of our armed forces. If anyone deserves the help it is these brave men and women who have laid down their lives for our freedom. We not only get them properly registered but we can assist them with their veteran-owned paperwork which can be a burden on its own. We will do whatever it takes and go to any lengths to make sure our veterans are not only treated with respect but get what is rightfully theirs….Veteran Set-Aside Contracts.”

US Federal Contractor Registration’s dedicated case managers will help our veteran business owners every step of the way. These case managers are experts in veteran-owned business paperwork and the SAM registration process. US Federal Contractor Registration prides themselves on helping veteran-owned businesses not only survive but thrive.


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