Government Contracting Expert Explains All the Available Opportunities for Small Business

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPS had the opportunity to interview Johnathan Maness, government contracting guru and the Director of Business Development for US Federal Contractor Registration. Maness is a proud United States Navy Veteran and has a degree in FEMA and Homeland Security. GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSManess several years ago was involved in a workplace accident resulting in the loss of his right foot. Maness in the interview stated the event being a “very tough time for me but ultimately lead to greater things.” Since then, Maness has made it his personal mission to further educate himself and help small business. He has been with US Federal Contractor Registration for 3 prosperous years where everyday he makes a definable difference for small businesses located throughout the country. His position allows him to outreach and network with multiple small businesses, make sure they become properly registered for government contracts, and help these businesses find available contracting opportunities.
Maness in his interview with discussed in detail his background and the rewarding path businesses can take contracting for the federal government. He described the basics of registering for government contracting and how small businesses need to have a proactive approach in order to truly be successful. Johnathan quoted, “My main focus and goal is to help as many as small businesses as possible win federal contracts. I am always available and you will always hear my live voice on my phone line if your small business needs help. The most rewarding thing about working for US Federal Contractor Registration is knowing that the second I sit down at my desk I am going to be helping small businesses and honestly making a difference.” US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm that helps small businesses register in System for Award Management (SAM) in order to be eligible for government contracts.

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