‘First Steps to Government Contracting’ Guide Helps Small Businesses Learn the Basics of Federal Contracting

First Steps to Government Contracting

When it comes to learning from beginning to end about government contracting the ‘First Steps to Government Contracting’ Guide is the best source.  To help level the playing field and give all vendors a fair shot at government contracts, US Federal Contractor Registration has created a guide introducing new vendors to the information and strategies that will carry them from just thinking about government contracts to actually placing their first bid.  Located on the top menu bar on Government Contracting Tips.com, this extremely knowledgable source for  businesses interested in learning more about government contracting is a definite must read!

In an effort to help new and struggling vendors find success in government contracting, the  “First Steps to Government Contracting” guide contains links to articles covering subjects such as researching the federal market, contractor registration, marketing to government agencies and placing bids on contracts.  No business should start the registration process in System for Award Management (SAM) before consulting the ‘First Steps’ webpage.

There are a couple sections that are broken down into lessons to easily guide visitors through the forum.  The guide mentions several other websites to affiliate with in order to connect with federal procurement officers, stay updated on available contracts, and learn about current set-asides your business may qualify for.  The United States Government is the largest consumer in the world that buys billions of dollars in products and services.  If your business wants to learn how to earn these available contracts ‘the First Steps to Government Contracting‘ guide is the number one place to start learning.  Whether it is FBO, DSBS, SAM, federal set-aside information, sub contracting or more, this is the webpage to read to answer all your unsolved questions in the world of government contracting.


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