US Federal Contractor Registration Awards Verified Vendor Seal to Clean Sweep Group Inc


Clean Sweep Group Inc (CSGI) is the very first company in the United States to offer comprehensive infection prevention services through microbial cleaning. CSGI has also created training courses to all businesses interested in learning more about their methodology and practice. GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSThe spread of contagious disease has always been one of the main threats to public health.  CSGI uses high advanced green technology and informative education courses to protect our nation and reduce the risk of dangerous infection.


CSGI provides facility wide UV-c disinfection assistance to minimize the chance of infection.  All of CSGI’s resources are ultimately used in the effort to reduce the number of deaths associated with hospital and community acquired infections.  These services also provide a safer, cleaner environment for all healthcare workers.  Due to CSGI’s expertise and specialized equipment, cleaning a clinical area can take 10 minutes.  Clean Sweep Group Inc educates the healthcare industry, doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff on the numerous policies of infection control.  This practice only uses UV-c green technology and not chemicals to eradicate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.  Leo W. Williams II, CEO and President of Clean Sweep decided to reach out to US Federal Contractor Registration for assistance with their government paperwork. This paperwork includes but not limit to Reps & Certs,,, SAM registration, etc.  US Federal Contractor Registration registered CSGI’s veteran owned business in SAM, developed and distributed their government resume to federal buyers across the nation, and built CSGI a 7 page website devoted to promoting their services to the federal government.


Mr. Williams of CSGI spoke to Max K. Timko of US Federal Contractor Registration in a phone interview stating “I never would have put my company in a position to bid on federal contracts or have my brand recognized by contracting officers if it wasn’t for US Federal Contractor Registration. I was walked through a seamless process to establish my company in System for Award Management (SAM).  We now have a CAGE code, a Capability Statement and a government formatted website. My Placement Specialist gave me an exact time table of when my business’s registration would be completed.  Sure enough it was all right on time as promised.   We are now ready to proceed in speaking to contracting officers about our unique business.  We are now well positioned to enhance our brand and start winning awards as a direct result from US Federal Contractor Registration.  US Federal Contractor Registration’s Capability Statement construction is something a business cannot do without.  Without them we would have had no shot getting hired by any federal buyers. I highly recommend this service as a ‘must have’ to any company hoping to establish themselves in federal government contracting.  I honestly do not know how any business would be able to register without US Federal Contractor Registration’s help.”


US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm that pairs businesses with dedicated case managers who help businesses every step of the way from initial registration to bidding on contracts.   Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration stated, “CSGI provides a very important service that keeps the welfare of our community safe.  The green technology they currently use is cutting-edge in eliminating possible infections and disease. We are extremely proud to help CSGI register for federal contracts because we believe their service is highly valued.  CSGI protects all of us from these infectious risks that we could acquire by simply visiting a hospital.  Personally, it makes me feel better knowing that CSGI is out there protecting our children and families against these viral infections.”  Working with the government can often be confusing and take business owners/employees days or even weeks to fill out to complete the registration.  US Federal Contractor Registration provides case managers who are experts in government registration (such as Reps & Certs,,, SAM registration, etc) who can easily register businesses to have excellent appeal for federal contracts.  US Federal Contractor Registration prides themselves on helping small businesses not only survive but thrive.


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