Congress Approves Funding of $50.7 Billion to New Jersey and New York for Hurricane Sandy Devastation


Finally after weeks of debating and deliberating, Congress approved $50.7 billion to be granted to the state of New Jersey and New York to help rebuild their beach shores and other areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSThese funds were divided offering $33 billion towards required long-term projects and $17 billion devoted only to transit issues and general relief aid.  Congress also assigned the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to disperse $9.7 billion to residents affected by the storm with flood insurance. The $33 billion devoted to long-term projects was decided by a 241 to 180 majority vote giving these states the ability to start recuperating.


Governor Chris Christie and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo had been trying to settle with Congress on a fair amount of relief funds to the state of New Jersey and New York for over two months before a single cent was given.  The New Jersey Governor even voiced his opinion in a televised outcry describing his frustration with the delay of funds to aid his state.  Governor Christie called the actions of Speaker of the House Jon Boehner in a news conference as “disgusting,” in response to him delaying Hurricane Sandy relief aid.  Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) agreed with Gov. Christie’s actions quoting, “I applaud the New Jersey Governor for voicing his opinion and his tireless efforts persuading Congress to approve these much needed funds.  Helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy should be the number one priority and making sure New York and New Jersey recover.”  It has been reported that Mr. Knellinger has sent an email to Gov. Christie and Gov. Cuomo offering US Federal Contractor Registration’s services to all New York and New Jersey businesses that need to be properly registered for federal contracting.  Mr. Knellinger went on state “To speed up the process all contractors have to do is call 877-252-2700 and say that they are a New Jersey/New York business looking to aid the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Their account will then be given an automatic ‘rush’ status to be registered as a federal contractor.”  US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm that registers businesses all over the world in System for Award Management (SAM).  In time of natural disaster, USFCR will also create FEMA Vendors Profiles for businesses interested in aiding the federal government.

Now that this legislation has been authorized, the federal government will now start to employ federally approved contractors to help in the relief efforts of Hurricane Sandy.  The transit issues and relief aid will require several federal contractors to help in repairing these areas with construction damage, debris removal, major costal eroding and other problematic matters.  These funds will not only be delivered to aid home owners and those effected but will also be given to federal contractors willing to help repair the damage.  Eric Knellinger of US Federal Contractor Registration quoted “Now that these funds have been approved it is time for federal contractors to help with all the damage that has been done.  Small businesses will have the opportunity to throw their hat in the ring and help the federal government bring beauty back to the Jersey Shore.  It is currently the job of every contractor wanting to work with the federal government in the disaster relief to register and register properly.  Make sure your business is registered and approved for federal contracts to help these great states rebuild and recover.”

System for Award Management (SAM) registration can often be confusing and take business owners/employees days or even weeks to fill out, which can still be rejected even after the fact. US Federal Contractor Registration’s dedicated case managers will help business owners every step of the way from initial registration to bidding on contracts.  These case managers are experts in SAM registration and will help a business easily register and have excellent appeal for federal procurement officers.  US Federal Contractor Registration prides themselves on helping small businesses not only survive but thrive.


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