Petroleum Resources & Development Inc Now Certified for Federal Contracting Thanks to US Federal Contractor Registration


Petroleum Resources & Development Inc (PR&D) has over 70 years combined experience in the Petro-Chemical and Environmental Remediation Construction Industry. Bob Criner and Ken Richard established their business in Orlando, Florida with a mission to specialize in turn key fueling systems and environmental remediation construction and systems maintenance.


Due to their combined tireless efforts, their company has now expanded offering their services to the entire nation.  PR&D has made an impact in their field byconstructing, serving, and modifying remedial and petroleum distribution systems.  PR&D has completed several projects for various government entities including the U.S. Airforce, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corp., and the U.S. Army.  PR&D’s motto of Quality, Integrity, and Satisfaction truly exemplifies the way they conduct their business. Criner and Richard along with the combined efforts of their employees have carved their dedicated pathway in their industry from hard work and devotion to thrive as an American business.  Recently, PR&D chose to seek out registration assistance from US Federal Contractor Registration.


Petroleum Resources & Development Inc was previously registered in CCR (Central Contractor Registration) to conduct federal contracting. Due to the recent transfer from CCR to System for Award Management (SAM) in July of 2012, PR&D reached out to US Federal Contractor Registration to assist them with their registration relocation.  Not only did US Federal Contractor Registration register PR&D in System for Award Management (SAM), but also constructed an entire 7 page government format website devoted to featuring their services.  US Federal Contractor Registration also developed and distributed PR&D’s capability statement, which was sent to federal procurement officers throughout the nation.


Bob Criner of Petroleum Resources & Development Inc commented about USFCR’s service stating “US Federal Contractor Registration has given us the ability to reach out to our customers in the federal procurement departments. They provided our company an efficient way for federal procurement officers to research our company and fulfill their contracting needs. Not only has US Federal Contractor Registration saved me time and money, but they have helped me contact an audience that would typically be out of our reach.  Guiding the procurement officers to a single source for our information made it easier for us to get the information the procurement officers needed.  My website was put up in less than two weeks, and I would recommend this service to all other businesses in need of a registration. I want to thank US Federal Contractor Registration for their superior customer service.”


US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm that pairs businesses with dedicated case managers who help businesses every step of the way from initial registration to bidding on contracts.   Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration stated, “It is a pleasure to help such an outstanding company like Petroleum Resources & Development Inc. Their work with the United States Armed Forces and other federal departments shows how important the services they provide are.  It is imperative that contractors like PR&D are migrated properly so that no interruption will be felt by either PR&D or the federal government.  PR&D will be successful in federal contracting due to their superior leadership, and their contracting experience.”  Registration can often be confusing and take business owners/employees days or even weeks to fill out, which can still be rejected even after the fact. US Federal Contractor Registration provides case managers who are experts in SAM registration who help businesses easily register and have excellent appeal for federal procurement officers.  US Federal Contractor Registration prides themselves on helping small businesses not only survive but thrive.


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