US Federal Contractor Registration Announces the First Episode of ‘The SAM Assistance Program’

The SAM Assistance Program, Click image to view first episode

US Federal Contractor Registration has finally announced and released the first episode of the much anticipated  online video show “The SAM Assistance Program” hosted by Max K. Timko. The program’s main focus is on helping small businesses understand the process of federal government contracting and the best resources available to help. The first episode can be viewed below. The program will cover multiple topics in the world of government contracts.  USFCR has not yet stated how many episodes will be distributed each week, but there is talk of at least 3 episodes per month.  Eric Knellinger, President of US Federal Contractor Registration ‘green lighted’ the project in an effort to create more awareness on the topic of government contracts and educate businesses interested in learning the process from an online video forum.  There has been a high demand for more videos addressing the topic of federal government contracting and System for Awards Management (SAM) Registration, hence the name of the program, “The SAM Assistance Program.

How to Register for Federal Government Contracts

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