Obama Meets with Labor Leaders over ‘Balanced Plan’ Preparation


Shortly after his re-election campaign win, President Obama is preparing to meet with numerous labor leaders at the White House to resolve economic issues.  The purpose of the ‘Balanced Plan’ that Obama will be urging Congress to pass with correct the economy while still avoiding deep cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare.  According to USA Today, the president will sit down with AFL- CIO President Richard Trumka, President of Service Employees International Union Mary Kay Henry, Lee Saunders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal employees; and National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel.


US FEDERAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATIONPresident Obama is also set to meet with leaders of several other progressive companies such as MoveOn.org, and large corporate business leaders representing   Wal-mart, Xerox, and American Express.  President Obama pushed his view point of making the majority of Americans believe that the best way to cut the deficit included a mix of budgetary cuts and raising taxes on the wealthy Americans.


President Obama has decided to meet with both of the parties’ congressional leadership this upcoming Friday to come to a solution besides the $600 billion tax hike and budget cuts are put into effect.  The $600 billion tax hike and budget cuts are scheduled for January 1st if there isn’t an agreement between members of the White House and lawmakers. Small business owners and contracts will be affected drastically with theses tax hikes.  If small businesses are interested in Government contracts available, they can currently be viewed online by sites such as Federal Business Opportunities (FBO.gov). These types of projects can be found and acquired to small business and other contractors through marketing their company by registering with the federal government through System for Award Management (SAM).    US Federal Contractor Registration helps businesses connect with government procurement officers around the nation to network for federal government awards/employment.  There service has been proven to help businesses register quickly, qualify, and connect with federal procurement officers for contract work.


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