2012 Presidential Debate Contract ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ Released to Public After Uproar

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSOn October 22, 2012, the third Presidential debate between President Barrack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney was conducted in Boca Raton, Florida at 9pm eastern standard time.   However, what most people do not realize is that there is a government contract created before the start of the Presidential Debates citing the rules and regulations of the debates. The contract is extremely complex and high structured so that the moderator has a basis to dispute either candidate.   If a remark or comment is said that could be potential criticized it is the job of the moderator to present it to the specific candidate.


However, eighteen pro-democracy groups state that the contract should be made public for the American voters to better understand the ‘custom made’ stipulations of the contract.  According to George Farah, Executive Director of Open Debates, “the Commission on Presidential Debates undermines our democracy.”  Bob Edger, President of Common Cause, one of the pro-democracy groups wishing this contract to go public stated “It is vital that voters have access to the rules that govern the influential presidential debates in order to hold the candidates accountable for them and advocate for debate reforms that would strength our democracy.”  These groups demanded the contract be released and in doing so the American public would have a clear understanding of the format of the presidential debates.


The Memorandum of Understanding since the recent uproar has been released to the public and slowly working its way to certain media sources showcasing the government contract to the public.  The Memorandum of Understanding can now be viewed and downloaded at Scribd.com.  Government contracts can currently be viewed online by sites such as Federal Business Opportunities (FBO.gov).  These types of projects can be found and acquired to small business and other contractors through marketing their company by registering with the federal government through System for Award Management (SAM).

According to Government Contracting Tips Blog, it can take up to 20 hours to file your SAM and still be reject if not completed properly, and that it is suggested to use a third party registration firm that helps businesses market their services to the Federal Government. The US Federal Contractor Registration is a third party registration firm that specializes in helping government contractors register through the correct channels to provide their services to the federal government.


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