SAM Registration – How to Find Answers

CCR RegistrationChances are you’ll have questions while you try to complete your SAM Registration.  Whether you’re stumped by unfamiliar terminology or question why certain information is required, it’s important that you understand what is being requested of you and how it will be used by the System for Award Management and its users.  Luckily, there are several resources that can help guide you through your registration.

System for Award Management User’s Guide

The easiest resource to access is the System for Award Management User’s Guide.  You can find this in PDF  format on the System for Award Management website’s homepage.  This document provides highly detailed and in-depth information about SAM’s features and interfaces, but is somewhat difficult to navigate for average users.

Federal Service Desk Answer Center

Another place to get answers to your questions is the Federal Service Desk’s Answer Center.  Here, you can search for your questions and get answers without having to deal with the often confusing menu and long wait times encountered when you try to call.  While definitely beneficial, not every question is covered in the Answer Center and in some cases it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Government Agency Websites

Previously, many government websites included information about CCR registration requirements, so we expect corresponding SAM registration sections to be updated in the coming months.  These would likely be listed on their procurement or acquisition page.  While definitely not an in depth resource, these should be brief enough that users can scan through quickly to find the information they need.

Third Party Resources

CCR RegistrationRegistrants in need of more hands-on assistance, such as those with special circumstances or who experience difficulty using a computer may find the help they need through a third party registration firm.  These companies ask specific questions about the vendor’s business or organization and then complete SAM registration on their behalf.  The experienced case managers at these firms can help guide inexperienced vendors through the process, pointing out optional fields that may help the business and ironing out any problems encountered along the way.  Since accuracy is extremely important, many vendors find the money spent on a third party registration firm’s assistance to be an invaluable investment.

US Federal Contractor Registration is a third party registration firm that offers businesses the option to work with a case manager to complete and maintain their SAM registration for one year, earning them the Verified Vendor seal.  Contact us today for a Free Government Market Assessment to find out if government contracting is right for your business.

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