System for Award Management Launches July 30th

System for Award ManagementThe System for Award Management, or SAM, will launch on July 30th, 2012.  CCR and ORCA have already been disabled and will no longer accept new data, in order to allow the deployment of the new streamlined procurement resource.

SAM, or the System for Award Management, will integrate the eight current federal procurement sytems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into a single new, streamlined system.  The systems which will eventually be combined into SAM are:

  • CCR
  • FedReg
  • ORCA
  • EPLS
  • CFDA
  • eSRS
  • FBO
  • FSRS
  • WDOL

Rather than needing a separate login for every procurement system, you will soon be able to access everything you need with a single SAM login.  Data will also only need to be entered once, reducing the risk of duplicated or conflicting information.  Also, rather than needing to keep track of several different websites, vendors will soon be able to register, file reps and certs, and search for contracting opportunities all from a single location!

As with any other change in online federal systems, there are some pitfalls for users.  SAM migration is dependent upon the user maintaining the same email address and remembering their login information for each current system, a daunting task for most individuals.  If there are any errors or incorrect data entered into the legacy systems, those errors will at best be migrated into SAM and at worst may complicate the migration process.  Officials are advising current users to review their registration for errors, outdated POCs, and other problems before SAM goes live next week.

To get more information about SAM or for assistance migrating your registration to the new system, vendors may call the Contractor Helpline at (877) 252-2700 ext 1 or fill our the form below to be contacted by a Placement Specialist.




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